With more and more people having a better understanding of maintaining good health and well-being, getting a massage therapy is no longer seen as a luxury or one off treat for themselves. The effects of constant or recurring pain on people are more than physical; it can also affect their mental health and lifestyle.

Many people choose to visit a massage therapist for help in managing various chronic pain. In fact research suggests that a massage (done by a qualified therapist or trained practitioner) can be a healthier and safer way option for pain relief.

You’re reading this blog because you are already aware of the benefits right? You have completed all of your training and now ready to start a career as a massage therapist. Or perhaps you’ve been working for a spa or salon for a while now and considering venturing out on your own as a mobile massage therapist?

Being a mobile massage therapist give you the freedom of being your own boss and deciding your own working hours. It can give you the ability to pick your own clients and not have to worry about overheads and being tied down by paying rent or paying for a room to be converted, utilities and bills.


This blog will give you a list of things to think about for starting up your own mobile business once you already have the qualifications:-

1) Set yourself a budget

Decide how much you need to set up. You will need to pay for other massaging courses (to expand your repertoire for example), insurance and equipment. This link gives you a detailed list of possible expenses you could incur when you start and run a massage business

2) Get insurance

The guild of Holistic Therapists, Federation of Holistic Therapists and other similar organisations offer insurance for their members. You can use this comparison site to compare insurance covers.

3) Get yourself DBS checked

Do this online. This has now replaced the old Criminal Record Check (CRO). Getting this done tells your client that you take their safety seriously and being responsible by letting them know that you do not have any criminal convictions.

4) Complete a First Aid course

Not essential but worthwhile especially as a mobile massage therapist. Get yourself a First Aid box and carry an accident book in your car, just in case someone does have an accident and hurts themselves. By recording everything properly you are covering yourself if you need to get insurers involved.

5) Think about your brand name

Check it hasn’t been used before. You can use your own name-keep it simple but importantly make sure it can be memorable for clients-think about a colour scheme that you like that is simple and stick to it. Use this colour scheme everything to do with your brand – website, car stickers, business cards etc.

6) Be professional

This is not just about being professional in your behaviour and the way you engage with your clients but it is also about your attire – buy work wear – at least three tunics, so you have spares when washing them. Avoid ones with buttons all the way down the front – they catch on things and are a pain when leaning over your clients. Stick to plain tunics you wear over your head.

7) Produce consent forms

You can design and print them yourself and or get some printed professionally. You can create online consent forms to email your clients to complete-this will make it easier when you want to store your documents in one salon software (explained later). Use these forms to find out any allergies they have or medical conditions you need to be aware of.

8) Consider your payment method

You could invest in a credit card machine but this can be expensive. If people don’t have cash then using bank transfer is a good idea. But if you want to sell gift vouchers you will probably need a way of taking payments over the phone/online like Paypal, Stripe or Worldpay Zinc. Shop around and check how much they charge

9) Choose your pricing carefully

Make sure that you are competitive. Keep your pricing simple so you are not confused when taking enquiries. Think about including travelling costs. Remember you are providing a convenient service and have to take into account the travelling cost for this convenience-so don’t try and undercut salons.

Marketing and Advertising:

10) Make full use of social media

Set up a Facebook page, Instagram, YouTube account, LinkedIn and Twitter account. Start out with two and do these properly by uploading photos, video links, posts, as you need to be active on them and be posting regularly. Combine with a booking software so that you can collaborate your appointments and bookings in one central place.

11) Create a website & get listed

It is easy to develop a website using WordPress or Wix. Get your business listed on as many free professional directory websites. In your Home Massage, Therapy Directory and Yell.com are a good start.

12) Be contactable

This can be done via phone, text and email. Have your contact details available on every social media platform you use and your website and use an online booking system which makes it convenient for your clients to access you at a time that suits them.

13) Produce leaflets and business cards

Using the same colour scheme as mentioned before. Vistaprint produce good quality business cards at reasonable prices. Contact neighbouring businesses (hair salons, nail bars, gyms) and ask if you can leave your leaflets or cards with them in exchange for referring them.

14) Offer discounts, referral rates and promotions

Offer them to local schools and colleges, your council and/or local police, in return for advertising on their staff message boards. The industry works on word of mouth and referrals so each client could get 3 ‘referral cards’ after their massage to give to their friends, called ‘mates rates’…This gives their friends a discount and the original paid client a half price massage.

Management and Booking System:

It’s 2018 and the wellness business such as yours is going down the digital route. Make sure you choose a software solution that is currently working in this digital age and works just as well on any mobile device as it does on your computer.

15) Use cloud-based software

Using cloud means you can go about your business anywhere and not just sitting at a desktop computer. It lets you stay on top of your business on the go. Using a cloud-based salon software such as Grow in Cloud makes it as simple as possible for your clients to book anywhere and anytime on any device (provided they also have internet access) and allows clients to book however they feel comfortable.

16) Send automatic reminders and promotions

This can be done through SMS messaging as well as emailing. This convenient feature from Grow in Cloud lets you send triggered follow up messages in order to stay in touch and engage with your clients.

17) Keep good records

Keep your online receipts for supplies or for everything you buy for your business, car mileage (for tax purposes) and invoices you send to clients. You also need to keep a record of your income from clients.

Have a look at this link to Grow in Cloud that explains how the software offers a complete solution for massage therapists for keeping records as well as many other features you need to set up your massage business.

18) Have Confidence!

Hopefully these tips have given you the confidence to go out there and start your mobile massage therapy! The more you go out, the better you will get. Use customer feedback to help better your services. Use YouTube to remind yourself of techniques, studying others, their techniques, tips and advice. But most of all have faith in yourself. Good luck!

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