Running a fitness business or working as a personal trainer is a challenging task. You sometimes have to work long unsociable hours to meet your client’s needs. In the digital and flexible work environment, that could be early morning- before they start work, in between lunch hours or in the evening after work.

What makes it difficult is if you have 6 to 8 classes a day, you can’t take phone calls whilst delivering a one to one session or a class. The result could lead to you losing business, left with frustrated customers, email and voicemail box full of messages.

So what should you do?

You have options to address this issue.

You could hire a VA (virtual assistant) who can take your calls and respond to your emails. However, he/she would still need to contact you to check your availability for specific times/dates. If a client has simply called to reschedule then they would still need to get in touch with you to check the calendar. Doesn’t seem like a great or helpful option.


Let your clients take action from your website. When clients visit your website, they can see the services you offer and your opening times. In most cases when they click on “contact us” or “book now” they are directed to a telephone number; email address or website or a contact form to complete.

“We live in an era of I want it now and on my convenience”

Only 1% of your website traffic takes action to buy product or service on first visit.

You can win more customers by streamlining the booking process and enabling them to buy a service or book an appointment at the moment they want to and time of their convenience.

Grow in Cloud Website Integration/Widget

grow in cloud widget

Grow in Cloud Website Integration is a feature which is embedded within your website and links it with your unique portal. It enables your users with a seamless experience when browsing, through different services whether it is:

    • Courses
    • Appointments
    • Membership
    • Leaving Documents

When you are handing out business cards in networking events or investing on marketing online, most people will visit your website. By having a widget embedded, it can become your main source for capturing leads and turning them to clients, if you allow them to take action straight away.

So what are the 3 ways to drive revenue?

1) Your Website


We all know how frustrating it is when we cannot find what we are looking for on a website. This is the one place that should be easy to navigate.

Your client could get annoyed and leave the site if they cannot schedule a class, book a course and/or make a payment in just a few simple steps. They will land on a couple of pages before giving up and leave the site. So how do you get around this?

Use A Schedule View & Instant Booking

A client is on your website and looking for time which suits him to book an appointment or class with you. By using the website widget, they will be able to see your calendar with real time availability and have the option to make a booking and receive a confirmation straight away.

grow in cloud appointment

Sell Membership Courses

Your clients no longer have to send you an email or make a phone call to book and pay for your fitness sessions/classes. They can do this anytime from any device from anywhere. Grow in Cloud widget integration enables your clients to do this and gives you the chance to turn your website into a revenue generating machine.

2) Use Facebook

Most businesses have a Facebook page to stay connected with their clients/customers and share news or special offers. Grow in Cloud widget enables you to use it more than a social media channel. You can take bookings directly from it, through its call to action “Book Now” button.


Facebook Posts

We are aware you work hard and put a lot of effort in producing posts to build a huge following on your Facebook page. You can share a link via Grow in Cloud Widget to a specific class to try and get instant bookings. In a competitive industry like fitness, you can no longer rely on just sending emails or ringing up customers to book for class. You need to allow customers to make bookings from every platform they engage in.

3) Continue Email Marketing

You should still always email your clients to keep them engaged. The slightly older generation (who aren’t familiar or that keen with social media sites) still use this way of communication.

You can send emails about seasonal greetings, sign up for trials and offer special rates for classes and memberships. You can make it easier for clients by putting the direct link to those offers in an email or newsletter.

grow in cloud

Grow in Cloud also gives you metrics such as delivered messages, opened rate, bounced back messages and so on, in order to analyse the effectiveness of your campaign and the return on investment (ROI).

For a free, 30 day trial of Grow in Cloud, please sign up here.You can then start using the features and carry on using the ones you need for free, forever!


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