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You’ll find that the way businesses are marketing has changed a great deal-you don’t get as many printed adverts and direct mail coming to your door.

Instead, it’s all pretty much online advertising and email marketing. The marketing strategy has gone from being paper-based to digitally-based, as more and more people rely on the internet when making decisions about purchases.

The challenge though is how to grab the attention of potential clients and get your spa website appearing on the search engines when they type “spa/beauty salon near me”

One of the most important ways to be found online is by consistently publishing new and relevant content. Blogging is one of the most effective ways to publish new content and increase traffic to your website.

Below are 4 blog topics to drive traffic to your Spa and Beauty Salon website:
1. Latest Trend/Spa Techniques:

Is there a latest trend in treatments that the staff members are now trained in? For example, do they use Ayurvedic massage or Crystal Healing techniques to restore your inner balance?

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Nail art is back in fashion now-with logos or abstract designs-so do you have designs that you have done on clients, to showcase your talent? Whatever the latest trends are in 2018, let your clients know about this.

The more expertise you share about the latest trends, the more your potential clients will see that you are in the know and have a modern outlook with your business and therefore have a greater chance of getting them to book appointments with your Beauty or Spa Salon.

2. Tutorials about certain techniques/services:

You’re the expert, so write about what you know. Going back to topic 1 about showing off the latest techniques, why don’t you help your clients by explaining the benefits of these new techniques? Or even explain any of the popular ones for that matter and why it is so popular with clients.

Writing these explanatory/educational blogs takes the guesswork out for the client, so when they come in requesting the service or treatment they know exactly what they are getting.

3. Product Promotion/Review:

Are there products (perhaps the nail keratin treatment for the winter months?) Have particular massage oil that a lot of clients are buying? Then why don’t you share this with your clients-explain why they are so popular; maybe ask some clients to write reviews for you to include in the blog.


When products are popular, buyers are looking for them online. Review the products yourself and share your professional opinion on the products-so when people are searching reviews of these popular items, your blog should appear and this will drive traffic to your salon website!

4. Events You Have Taken Part In:

Have you been involved in some charity event to raise awareness of a particular cause-maybe you and your team went to a particular event and offered free massages or treatments to vulnerable patients?

Perhaps you attended London Fashion Week and want to share what you saw and what you got up to? Perhaps you were involved backstage when getting the models ready? Let your clients know all about it!


Events are major marketing opportunities. These show potential clients that you’re more than just a business and that you have many strings to its bow. Tell them how you meet clients from all walks of life-and it’s about giving back as well as having fun!


You can keep it short and sweet! Blog posts don’t have to be essays! Don’t get scared off by the 2,000-3,000 word blogs and think you have to write that much! Having a mix of short blogs gets your message across to your clients really quickly.

Also, remember, you are trying to increase traffic to your salon website, so you want to make sure your blogs will be found on search engines, like Google. So it’s important to add keywords and phrases that you would enter into Google if you were searching for that particular topic!

Happy Blogging!

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