Sharing your wedding photographs on social media is a great way to market your work, attract new clients by showing them what you can do, as well as get feedback from your audience (if you want!).

There are many social media sites out there and new ones are always appearing. With any business trying to promote themselves on social media, it’s not a good idea to set up a profile on every single one of them. Stick to one or two of them and focus on them properly to get the most results.

This blog will hopefully give you helpful tips on the 4 best social media sites you should be using as a wedding photographer:

1. Facebook

Facebook has the most users out of all the social media sites. It is the perfect marketplace for many businesses especially wedding photographers. Photographers use Facebook widely to promote their work and build up their following.

Make sure you have an official business page on Facebook to display your wedding photos instead of using your personal account. It is important to separate the two, although having a few personal photos of you on the business page won’t do any harm, as it gives your clients and insight to who you are-which is vital to potential customers who are getting you involved in one of the personal moments of their lives.

Business pages are also more useful for you from an analytical point of view as you get to see insights into your audience demographics; where the likes and shares are coming from.

Try to invite your friends and families at first to start off your following and give your page a boost. They will then like, comment and share your work and that will expand your reach to a wider audience hopefully.

Facebook business also allows you pay to promote your amazing photos to get more customers. With paid posts, you can select your demographic and your reach. The more you pay for promotion, the more followers and customers you could potentially gain. Obviously you want to keep an eye on your budget-so it is always best to have this budgeted for in your social media marketing strategy.

wedding photographer2. Instagram

You will find that many wedding photographers post their photos on Instagram.

Instagram is a mobile based social media site and currently the most popular platform, especially amongst the younger generation (18-30) years old.

You can post your wedding photos and videos for your followers to be able to like, comment or share feedback. Likes and comments are seen by their followers, which could also potentially increase your following.

wedding photographer

It is important to use relevant hashtags when sharing your wedding photos. Hashtags will get you more likes, comments, and followers from other users, who are not on your followers list. If they like the photo, they are more likely to look at others on your page and if they like what they see, will start to follow you.

Instagram also allows you to sync accounts with Facebook and Twitter, so you can easily share your work with a wider audience.

If your Instagram account has the privacy set to public, then your followers or any user can also share your photos on their accounts using third party applications, such as Regram. This is useful for clients who want to share photos of themselves that you have taken. This will help towards showcasing and marketing your talent.

3. Pinterest

Pinterest allows you to “pin” photos and articles to “pin boards”. It’s mainly a catalogue of ideas and the main purpose is to inspire users to with ideas. It can also act as a portfolio for your o share your best wedding photography shoots.

Pinterest users are 80% women. Brides often use this social media site to collect ideas to help them plan their wedding. So, if you’re a wedding photographer and not using Pinterest yet – you should go and set up an account to promote your work.

Take the time to organise your Pinterest boards to showcase your style and allow brides to visualise their wedding day with you as their wedding photographer.

wedding photographer

There has been conflicting information as to whether to use hashtags or not on Pinterest. But the latest articles suggest they are just as popular now as Instagram and Twitter.

Hashtags are a word or phrase preceded by a hash (#) used to identify Pins on a specific topic and work just like they do on other social media sites such as Instagram.

When you add hashtags to the description for a new pin, “pinners” can visit a feed of all the pins that share that hashtag and they appear in chronological order-the newest pins first.

4. Twitter

Twitter is a fast paced, text sharing social media site for wedding photographers. You can tweet up to 280 characters now.

wedding photographer

You can share your photos with small descriptions and relevant hashtags to get more likes and retweets.

It has the option to promote your work through paid ads. Paid promotion will increase your reach and followers quickly on Twitter.


Since social media can take up a lot of time, make it easier on yourself by focusing on one or two initially and as mentioned at the beginning, do them well.

However, also think about incorporating tools and apps to speed up your time. For example, tools that allows you to schedule your posts in advance, such as Hootsuite and Buffer or apps that create hashtags just for you such as Autohash.

The most important thing to be aware of, if you haven’t done so already, you need to ensure you have a strong social media plan for 2018.


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