People would have already booked and planned their summer breaks away by now. So, now is the perfect time for your salon (whether it’s hair, health or beauty) to advertise some great summer promotional offers!

Competition is already tough with so many salons close to each other on any given high street. As a small business owner, what you need to do is have great offers that will make you stand out from the rest.

Many salon businesses offer discounted services and the reason that discounts are appealing to a salon owner (as well as the customer) is that they are simple to manage and apply. But think about it-you have worked hard to offer the high quality services at a reasonable price, so why would you want to lose out? Remember, you would be getting less for delivering the same thing. This is also just a short term fix. This often doesn’t help create business in the long term.

What you want to do is give your clients a great offer that doesn’t directly involve giving a discount. Your salon business can create great, promotional offers, which actually make your clients spend MORE money, rather than less!


Here are 5 great summer promotional offer for you salon, which should make your business more money, but still give your clients a better deal! Plus, these ideas are not just specific for summer but can be adapted for other seasons.

1. Provide Buy 3 for 2 Deals

Boots has been doing this offer for a while now-and it is easy to see why. It works! People love the idea of being able to pick up products knowing that they will be getting something free.

summer promotional offers salon

Image Credit: Boots

As a salon business, a great way to put this great, summer promotional offer into practice is to make sure that only the cheapest of the 3 items is given for free.



In a beauty salon, a male client comes in and is only interested in a upper body wax. He then sees the 3 for 2 offer and decides to takes up the 3 for 2 deal:

  • a full chest and abdomen wax (£25),
  • upper back wax (£15) and
  • full arms wax (£18).

The upper back wax would be the cheapest service, meaning that you would still make a decent profit. You still give your client the feeling that he has been treated well and had a good deal out of it. Remember, he only came for the one service!


In a hair salon, a client comes in wanting her hair coloured and cut short, ready for an easy, carefree style! She knows about the deal and is interested in the following:

  • hair colour (£55),
  • cut (£30) and
  • blow-dry (£20).

The blow-dry service would be the cheapest, so again why not offer that for free? She gets to walk out of your salon, advertising your services (by mentioning it to her friends and family!) and again comes out with a sense of getting a great deal.


If this is too costly for your start-up business, you could provide a 3 for 2 deal on hair care products instead.

While the hairstylist is working on the client’s hair, they would subtly bring into conversation the shampoo they are using, which is best suited for coloured hair. Also, they could mention the serum or frizz free product they have used. The idea is that when the clients go to pay, the products “happen” to be available on the front desk, along with the 3 for 2 offer.

The client would then want to continue the hair care at home and instead of just buying the one product, they would buy 3 knowing they are getting one (the cheapest product) free.

Remember, these are limited summer promotional offers to entice your clients, who want to look and feel good in the summer sun. You still have a business to run and may not be able to afford to do this all year round. But short seasonal offer sprints would work!

2. Offer Referral Cards

The best complement a salon can get is a referral. It is great when a client comes in to your salon telling you they were referred to you by a friend/family member!

However, you can also help the process along, if you aren’t getting many new clients. This is done by simply asking your current clients to recommend you to one of their friends or family.

You can create referral cards than you give to your clients to pass onto their friends and family. You can leave a space for your client to write in their friend’s name so it really is a personalised referral.

To add an incentive for your client, you could combine the referral card with an offer.

For example, a free add on treatment (e.g. free spray tan to boost their summer glow) for the referrer when they bring in a friend or family member.

summer promotional offers salon

3. Add Value To The Service

We all like to get a little more for our money. In fact, you will find that customers are far more motivated by receiving rewards than by a saving on a service, they would have paid for anyway. So rather than simply offering discounts, why not give your clients a little extra as a summer promotional offer!

A small bonus treatment or an upgrade is valued far more highly. The idea of course is that you offer the add-on treatment or upgrade for nothing this time. It then makes the client feel truly valued! Because they enjoyed the add-on so much, the next time they come to your salon, they will book and pay for the add-on treatment!

This is a great promotional idea for the summer, especially when your clients are probably looking to get multiple treatments done before they go away on holiday.

For example, a client comes in to get a pedicure, ready to show off her toes during the flip-flop season! The beauty therapist offers them a complimentary 20 minute foot massage, rather than the usual 5 minutes. Who wouldn’t be up for an offer like that?

summer promotional offers salon

Next time, the client comes in for a pedicure, they ask for a 20 minute foot massage, which they will happily pay for this time!

Another example perhaps, is a complimentary 10 minute Indian head massage which could be offered when a client comes in for a facial. Again, because they enjoyed the massage so much, they will come in and ask for it, if they are in need of a de-stress!

4. Have Summer Accessory Giveaways

Do you have links with a company that sells summer accessories, such as beach towels, water bottles, sun hats, sunscreen, sunglasses and flip-flops? If so, have them on sale at your salon. Get the company to promote your salon at the same time.

summer promotional offers salon

But more importantly, attract customers to your salon by using these summer promotional items as giveaways if clients come in and pay for high priced services.

For example, free pair of glamorous flip flops, when the client pays for 60 minute reflexology/gel pedicure.

5. Offer A Free Mini Gift

Hopefully, your clients have been treated well by the hairstylist, massage therapist or beauty/nail technician.

Why not allow your clients to continue their salon experience at home by taking away a free gift. This could be small bottles of a luxurious hair conditioning product, a small tub of bath scrub, moisturising cream or nail polish colour of their choice.

summer promotional offers salon

By giving your clients a free gift to take and use at home, they will be reminded of their salon visit. That reminder will hopefully remind them that they must book their next appointment with you!

Again, this is a temporary summer promotional offer, so you don’t need to break the bank, when buying these sample mini gifts. It’s a nice gesture, which will reward you in paying customers!


Providing great summer promotional ideas will energise your staff (who may be feeling the summer slump).  It will also help your salon business with the transition into a busy autumn rush.

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