5 Out of the Box Strategies for Getting More Personal Training Clients  


A personal trainer is nothing without their clients. The relationship between a personal trainer and their clients is an intense one, and it can often be difficult to know where to start. But rather than hanging out at the gym, there are some out of the box strategies that you can use to begin getting more clients now.

1. Get Serious About Your Social Media and Online Marketing

Social media and the Internet are two places that many people now look to for personal trainers. Even if they have your name from someone else, they will still want to see your training and your results online. To that end, it’s important to create and maintain a serious social media presence. But building your social media doesn’t have to be boring and it doesn’t have to be all about you. There are many options for an effective social media presence, such as:

  • Creating a travel log or an experience log. Your social media and online marketing doesn’t have to be tailored specifically towards fitness and personal training; rather, it has to be interesting to the type of person who would hire a personal trainer. A travel log of exciting places and adventures (or a log of unique experiences that you’ve had) may be just as compelling and effective as a log about your personal training techniques.
  • Uploading tutorials for certain exercises. As a personal trainer, you’re undoubtedly familiar with some of the most effective and newest personal training techniques. By uploading tutorials, you can draw in viewers who are interested in fitness but are looking for guidance — the perfect prospective client.
  • Sharing inspirational stories. With permission, you can share inspirational stories related to your current or past clients. These testimonials will often have a substantial effect on your perceived trustworthiness, and will boost your overall reputation.

Social media and online marketing are important because it will eventually bring customers to you with little to no intervention of your own. Once you’ve established your social media presence, you’ll be able to periodically update in order to grow your audience — and your audience will begin sending customers to you.

2. Start Working With a Local Gym

Where do people go when they want to get fit? Most often, they go to the local gym. While many national chains have rules in place preventing you from selling personal trainer services, local gyms may not. In fact, local gyms may even want to advertise that they have a personal trainer available on-site. Be prepared to show your work and to teach when auditioning at your local gyms and you may be able to establish an easy pipeline towards new clients.

To make yourself more appealing to a gym, you may want to develop certain routines and classes that you can show there. A unique routine is an excellent way to develop your reputation as a personal trainer while also giving the gym itself something unique in value.

3. Create a Referral Program

Referral programs aren’t just for multi-level campaigns and small businesses. Most people are a little hesitant to spend a lot of money at their personal trainer — but they know that they need a trainer. Offering your existing customers a discount to bring in new clients is a way to both save the money and show that you appreciate their efforts. Most people know others who are also looking to get into shape; they just need a little additional motivation.

Even if you haven’t developed a referral program, you may still want to let your customers know that you’re looking for referrals and that you’re taking on new clients. Many customers may be inclined to recommend you, but may be worried that you’re too busy or that you aren’t currently looking for new clients.

4. Get Involved in Local Events

Apart from leaving flyers and business cards at local restaurants and entertainment venues, you may also want to establish a presence at local events. Fitness-based events such as marathons, races, and walks are a great way to both give back to charity and familiarize your community with your services. As your business grows and develops, you may even be able to maintain a booth, kiosk, or other presence at local charity events and conventions. Sponsoring an event, such as a charity walk, can also be a good way to receive name recognition while also donating your time and money.

5. Consider Training Online and through Apps

The Internet isn’t just a great way to get personal training clients — it may also be a great way to train them as well. You can get clients from all over the world as long as they are ready and willing to complete their training online. As a personal trainer, it’s rare that you actually have to be in the same room as an individual, especially if they already have equipment accessible to them. You can show your customers different exercises and continue to motivate them through the Internet or through mobile video chatting.

Online training is an excellent opportunity for those who want to branch out of their own geographical location. It’s also a solid choice for personal trainers who keep irregular hours, whether it’s due to hobbies or other entrepreneurial pursuits. Though some clients do not train well remotely, there are many others who do.

Personal trainers have a limited amount of time — every hour spent trying to acquire clients is an hour that isn’t spent training. By using the above techniques, you should be able to develop a solid client base. Over time, this client base should be able to refer you additional clients, thereby becoming self-sustaining.

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