In recent years, more people around the world have begun to recognise the importance of wellness. This is a trend which has seen the value of the industry increase year-on-year. With everyone self-aware of their health and well being, massage therapy is big business. It is also fast becoming a competitive industry. Your massage therapy business needs to stand out. As a small business owner, you need to find ways to retain, as well as attract, new clients.

To help boost your client base, here are 6 ways to market your massage therapy business.

1. Update Your Website

Potential clients will search for a massage therapy business local to them. When they click on your business website, it should communicate professionalism and great value to them.

Your website should have professional design that loads quickly. It should be s easy to navigate through. You also need to make sure that your website is designed to be mobile friendly. Most people go online using their mobiles to search for products and services, as well as book appointments. It would also be great if it is aesthetically pleasing.

If you look at your competitor’s websites you will see that many are offering online booking and at the very least you should be offering this too in this fast paced digital era. With Grow in Cloud you can integrate an online appointment scheduling feature with your website.

As well as being simple to use and having a low monthly cost, it doesn’t take a fee for every booking made online like other softwares. So every penny of the service booked goes back to you (as a small business this is valuable!). The software also sends email/SMS reminders to clients to reduce no show ups.

Remember, your website is your number one advertising tool.

2. Share Testimonials From Clients

Your current clients are your branding ambassadors! Don’t underestimate the power of testimonials as an advertising tool for your massage therapy business.

Most people, when they search for a service online, read people’s reviews when selecting a product or service and tend to trust what they have to say. A customer testimonial is a way for people to feel reassured that that you provide a quality service. It is always a good idea to add people’s testimonials on your website as well as on your social media pages (see next point for social media marketing).


Whenever a customer visits your salon, encourage them to post a review or rate your services online, without being too demanding. With Grow in Cloud’s customised emailing/SMS marketing feature, you can set up an SMS or email to send automatically after certain period of time to request feedback and testimonials from your clients.

3. Advertise on Social Media

When it comes to promoting your massage therapy business, you need to be active on social media. Practically every client you have (and will have) will be on at least one social media platform.

Create a Facebook page that is all about your business. Offer exclusive discounts on your social media pages, share client testimonials, promote your blogs and video tutorials (see point 4).

Pinterest and Instagram are very popular these days and because they are both visually appealing social media platforms, you can add colourful pictures of your massage rooms, quotes about the joys of massage therapy and snippets of information about the benefits of massage too.

Make sure you’ve got a profile on LinkedIn and Twitter, where you will find many business owners and professionals on there, who are looking for somewhere to relax after a after a long, hard day.  They might even be on the search for a business they can call upon to help promote well being in their company (more on this later). By connecting and networking with other businesses, you’ll soon become a resource for them.

If you are a newbie when it comes to advertising on social media, then stick to one or two social media platforms and focus on them properly before branching out to other sites. For help and support, on how to set up social media accounts for your salon (and what things to post), click here.

For added exposure and to widen the reach of your audience initially, make sure to ask your team to promote the massage business on their social media pages as well.

4. Share Content and Video Tutorials

Massage therapy

You might have clients who feel uncomfortable about getting massages or want to know exactly what it is that you do and how it helps. This can easily be done by shooting a video that showcases exactly what you do. Potential clients get an inside view of your business as well as introduction to your team of massage therapists, which in turn will give them peace of mind.

When shooting a video it is important it looks professional-you don’t want it to look as if you have made it quickly (and cheaply) using your smart phone!  It’s definitely worth hiring a professional to do this for you.

You can post these videos on your website or your social media accounts such as Facebook. It is also a good idea to consider sharing these videos on YouTube as people are always looking for tutorials on massages and this is another way of promoting your business.

As well as posting videos, it’s also a good idea to think about blogging. Publishing a regular and a good quality blog related to health, wellness and massage therapy will help boost your website’s local search results on Google. You could write regular blogs/articles about:

  • Health benefits of massage therapy,
  • The latest advances in homeopathic medicine,
  • Give dietary advice for pregnant women,
  • Tips on what areas to work on when relieving stress
  • Explain which specific zones on the soles refer to which areas of the body (reflexes) during reflexology.

5. Offer Loyalty and Referral Rewards

A loyalty rewards program is a great way to keep clients coming back, as well as reaching out to potential new clients. When searching for a massage therapist, people like to know that they can accrue discounts or get free massage sessions at some point, so make sure to mention your rewards program in all your marketing for you massage therapy business.

Massage therapists can also benefit from a referral program. If you offer a referral reward, then clients get a certain discount or deal by bringing a friend and you get the benefit of another paying customer!

It is important you spread the word about these reward programs through SMS, email, social media and even face to face when you meet your clients for treatments.

6. Offer Well-Being Sessions

Wellness Programmes are a core part of many public and private sector’s health and well being policies now. A growing number of businesses are offering a range of initiatives aimed at tackling the mental health and stress-related problems faced by a growing number of today’s workforce. This is a great time to contact local businesses in the community and book some sessions with them as well as schools and medical centres!

You could contact some local companies and work out a way to be a part of their health and well being scheme. Find out who the decision-maker in the company is and contact them via phone (for a personal approach) or via email first with a follow up call, as emails can sometimes end up as spam.

When you do speak to the companies, you could suggest setting up a portable massage table in a private office or staff room for a day and offer your services for free at the office. Perhaps the first half a day could be explaining the benefits of massage therapies on general health, reducing anxiety and relieving stress.

Massage therapy

Hosting an open day in your studio is another great way for massage therapists to show the full range of treatments that they offer. This could be offered to the local businesses in your community (who are more likely to revisit as clients)

It’s a chance for you for you to engage with the community and help people understand the many benefits of regular massages.


Marketing your massage therapy business is a letting your clients know what you do and what solution you are able to provide for them.

It is important to note, while all of the above ways are important for marketing your business, you need to find ways of maintaining regular contact with your clients. This can be done by email or SMS, which is probably the most effective way (as it is more personal).

You may wish to send a message once a month, or every second month, but no more than this, as this is invading their personal space too much! You can text them letting your clients know any news, updates about your business  and perhaps throw in a special offer so that your clients come back – this acts a as a reminder of your massage business and that you value them as your clients.

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