You have found your passion which is love for makeup and you enjoy making others look and feel their best. This is great but if you want to become a freelance make up artist, then you need to ensure you digitally market yourself in order to gain prospective clients as well as maintain a steady clientele. The way to do is, is to use social media.

Social media has drastically changed the way people do business all over the world. For makeup artists, it’s a fantastic tool to show off your talent, build your brand and make your skills available to all. Embracing social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook really can transform your business, as these are the two platforms where you can gain most exposure.

Here is a list of 7 ways to maximise your social media presence, focusing on how bridal makeup artist, Sana K, has built up a huge following and created a name for herself in the beauty industry:

1. Build Your Brand Name and Portfolio


Because it’s essential for you to set yourself apart from your competition, you’re going to need to create your brand so that it really stands out far from the rest. You need to think about what is it you want to be recognised for; Sana K chose to focus on bridal make-up at first and then moved onto bridal hair as well, to expand her portfolio.

If you’ve never had clients before, offer your friends and family a makeup session in return for a photo of them to upload online. When starting out, Sana K used her sister as a model to showcase her talent.

Once you start gaining clients, try to capture every look you create (obviously with their permission).

Almost any prospective client is going to want to see your work. The better it looks, the higher chance a potential client will become a paying client. Although you’ll want to let your makeup portfolio speak for you, it’s also important that you let your customers see the real you, too.

In today’s highly completive digital world, it is all heavily focused on creating relationships, so that’s exactly what you’re going to need to do. Every now again, share an image of you in a lighter fun mode with your family or friends…Sana K often posts images of her family, in order to give you a sense of feeling that she is not just a makeup artist but one of your friends.

2. Before and After Photos

Social media platforms, in particular Instagram, are extremely visual. When you work on a client, showing a before and after picture tells a story of what you have done with your client and allows you to showcase your artistry.

Makeup is a physical transformation as well as an art and you want to make sure people can see what you can do. Sana K does this very well by always showing pictures of her clients before and after. Before sharing these on social media or your website, remember to always ask permission from your client. Side by side photos is usually best for comparison purposes.


It is important to find a good light and keep both photos at the same angle. Having a neat and formal presentation of both photos is important for quality purposes. You want it to look clean and professional as this is how you are promoting yourself after all. By avoiding background distractions, you are making sure that the main focus of the photo is your work.

3. Tag Makeup Brands in Your Photos and Use Hashtags

When posting a picture, tagging the makeup brands that you use is a fantastic way to build your social media presence.  Many makeup brands look for quality content and often repost pictures of customers using their products. Tagging makeup brands increases the chance that the makeup company will repost your picture and share it on their social media platform/page (which usually consists of millions of people!). This will only increase exposure of your work and the more people that can see how talented you are, the better for business!

Using hashtags can also increase views. It is how people will find you! You can hashtag makeup brands, makeup techniques and essentially anything relevant to your account that can boost engagement and followers.

Here you can see how Sana K has used hashtags to list the brands she has used and thus increase the likelihood of people seeing her work, if they want to see people using that brand.


4. Post videos and tutorials

These days, people turn to platforms like YouTube for beauty advice and tips as well as makeup tutorials and product reviews.

You can create your own high quality YouTube videos now (just by using your own smartphones-no fancy equipment required) that people can watch. It will attract business.

Sana K has her own YouTube account and not only posted videos showing off the brides she has made up but also catwalks and exhibitions she has been a part of. This shows prospective clients how varied the portfolio and experience is.

You could make partnerships on YouTube to supplement your income while still following your passion in makeup.

5. Work with/Credit other artists

In this artistic world (whether it is makeup, hair or photography) you should never use someone else’s work and credit it as your own. Not only is it misleading and false, you could get yourself into a whole load of legal issues!

When you post your own work on Instagram or Facebook-make sure you watermark it somehow.

If you do decide to “repost” or “share” an image created by someone else, make sure you give them the credit. Crediting work done by other people in your industry can also be a powerful networking tool.

If you have focused on the makeup, where someone else has done the hair and another has taken the photograph, then make sure they are credited too. They will put the image on their social media accounts to showcase their work as well yours and could lead to more potential clients from their list of contacts.


Promoting other artists will often lead to them checking out your page and they may even give you a mention in return! Maybe you’ll even collaborate at some point at an exhibition or event, so getting connected to other people in your industry, will help build a huge following in the same way Sana K has.

6. Review/Promote Products

Have you noticed how some makeup artists like to share their favourite eyeshadow or particular makeup product they like to use? This is something you can do too. Recommendations show that you aware of the latest trends and brands out there and also shows that you know what you are talking about and open a dialogue with people who have either tried the product before or who want more information you about the product.


7. Engage and Interact with Followers

Social media brings people together wherever they are in the world. It’s great to post regular content on your sites, but if you want to further your social media presence, you should be able to engage with your clients and give them another reason why they should follow you.

For Sana K engaging with her clients is so important.

“Choosing a makeup artist for your big day is a huge deal so you want to get this absolutely right! Having a connection with your makeup artist is vital and getting to know them helps to cement that relationship. Getting your makeup done the way you want is such a personal journey and you want to make sure you have chosen the right person for the job!”

As well as posting images of your finished work, there are features like Instagram Live/Stories and Facebook Live that you can use now to showcase your work behind the scenes. You can do this to show them the process it takes to work on an exhibition or photoshoot.

If your clients are comfortable with it, showcase them on your stories and their journey with you as their makeup artist. It’s all about showing your followers that your life is more than just posting photos online.


In the world of social media, there are many makeup artists out there. Make sure you remain true to yourself when trying to stand out from the crowd. You should always work towards building lasting and meaningful relationships with your clients. You want people to feel like they can trust you.

Being genuine and professional will lead to your clients referring you to their friends. This will help maximise your social media presence in the same way that Sana K has managed. Don’t be afraid to show your personality and have fun!

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