Over the years, appointment scheduling has undergone several changes and has evolved until you can now schedule appointments on the cloud. This means, you can hold your meetings/conference anywhere, anytime from any internet enabled device. Majority of these cloud systems can easily be tailored to suit the needs of a specific user.

Cloud Appointment saves you extra cost on hardware and software maintenance services. Cloud appointments are very easy to manage and ensures easy access.

As technologies for scheduling tasks continue to evolve over the years, they are replaced by cloud based systems and issues of cost and compatibility have been addressed.

Appointment scheduling systems are programs designed specifically to grant business owners easily arrange and manage their various appointments. Before the introduction of cloud based appointment scheduling, most business owners relied on the traditional manner of scheduling appointments. Apart from appointmments, most business remind their clients of upcoming appointments via call or email. In most cases, this process is inefficient and usually takes some time for the concerned department to take adequate action.

The challenge that most people experience is the transition from a manual scheduling system where appointments are not properly planned.

By utilizing the proper appointment scheduling software, these time-consuming tasks are managed automatically and with little user effort.

Cloud based appointments can leave an incredible impact on your business as highlighted below:

1. Accessibility: Cloud based appointment scheduling system enables you to access your account anywhere and at any time at all, provided you have an active internet connection.

2. Self-Scheduling: With the latest trend for cloud based appointments, most businesses now allow their customers to schedule their appointments online, and at their own convenience. Your clients would simply login and schedule their appointments outside of normal business hours efficiently and easily too.

3. Cost Effective: Cost is a very important factor to consider when making most business decisions and considering the fact that cloud based appointments are cheaper, it would be wise to consider using them. You are assured of maximum uptime and full privacy.

4. Reliability: This is a very vital factor. Cloud based systems gives you the ability to access and utilize the system at any given time suitable to you.

5. Calender Adjustability: This is worthy of notation when it comes to ear-marking a good cloud based appointment system. You have the ability to easily set multiply appointments, set future appointments and also check the status of a completed appointment.

6. Accurate Recordkeeping: Cloud based systems are very accurate when it comes to keeping of record and most big businesses always look for companies with accurate recordkeeping cloud software.

7. Security: Serious business appointments are not joked with and as such, security is a top priority when it comes to cloud appointments. Your sensitive information are kept away from public view; ranging from credit card information, billing documents, etc.

Use Grow in Cloud’s groundbreaking online appointment scheduling feature to engage more clients and achieve business growth.

With our intuitive and ingenious system specially designed for SME’s, you can create, send and change customer appointments in few clicks. It also allows your customers to request new appointments and cancel or change existing bookings via dedicated ClientSite.

From one-to-one appointments, online meetings and event scheduling to automated appointment reminders, Grow in Cloud empowers your business by reducing ‘no shows’ and eliminating double appointment bookings.

Key Features and Benefits
  • 24/7 appointment booking from anywhere, on any device and at anytime.
  • Engage and sign up more customers
  • Automated booking confirmation and reminders
  • Manage appointment scheduling while on-the-go
  • Separate staff calendars for better resource management
  • Admin dashboard for business management
  • Increased efficiency and productivity
  • Enhanced customer retention rate
  • Build customer loyalty through personalised ClientSite interaction

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