Small businesses might be wondering whether hiring Virtual Assistants is the right way to go. Another concern is whether they would be expensive to hire. However, thanks to ‘The Cloud’ and the many benefits it provides, outsourcing your work to Virtual Assistants will easily save you money in the long term.

Virtual Assistants continue to be a growing trend now. Due to the advancement of technology, it has become more cost effective and efficient to use remote staff rather than pay for an office full of them.

Here are some benefits of hiring Virtual Assistants for any small business:



Virtual Assistants can be available outside of normal office hours and have no minimum hour commitment, which are set in companies. You get more time to do what you do best, while leaving the admin tasks, such as data entry, updating records, typing up transcripts to someone else.

Working Remotely:

Virtual Assistants work from their own offices so you won’t have to organise, pay for or rent out work spaces or equipment for them. This is a huge saving for business owners. Employees and temps are paid by you for coffee breaks, toilet visits and time taken for personal calls and issues. Businesses don’t need to worry about this as they are paid for the hours they work.


Virtual Assistants are just as highly skilled and professional as the employees you have in your business. They have just chosen to work remotely, which suits their own commitments, as well as yours. It doesn’t make them any less efficient. Your work will be completed to perfection and delivered on time – or ahead of time. No one needs to know that it wasn’t completed in-house!


You don’t have to worry about recruitment or agency fees incurred. There are also no HR headaches like tax, national insurance or employee benefits.

Virtual Assistants have a vested interest in the success of your business. More work for you means more for them. Client confidentiality is paramount and they will treat your business as their own.

So now some of the benefits of virtual assistants have been highlighted, how does using cloud solutions help further?


Firstly, what is ‘The Cloud’?


cloud computing

Cloud technology simply means storing and accessing data and programs, over the use of the internet, instead of on your computer’s hard drive. This means that data can be accessed anywhere, any time and on any device, provided you have access to the internet.

Many businesses are using cloud based tools one way or another. Tools such as Skype, Microsoft 365 and Docusign to name a few.


How can the cloud benefit virtual assistants?

There are a variety of solutions that are hosted on the cloud; from accounting packages to business management softwares such as Grow in Cloud. It means that anyone who has the log in details can access the information and complete the work necessary. This makes it extremely easy to outsource the work to a virtual assistant.

Virtually any administrative such as scheduling appointments or book keeping tasks, like sending online invoices, can now be completed using the cloud, making it easier than ever to outsource those time-consuming tasks.

From the point of view of Virtual Assistants, business management softwares like Grow in Cloud make it extremely easy to collaborate with the business.

Owners can send task reminders to their virtual assistants. The software allows you to make lists of all the tasks that require doing, along with completion dates, highlighting urgent or important tasks and being able to add notes as required. As the work is completed, each task can be ticked off. It means you know how well your work is going and your Virtual Assistant knows what they need to be doing and when!

Cloud solutions can sound scary if you’ve never used it before. Here is a blog, listing in detail why your business should be using the cloud and whether you are ready.

Having a virtual assistant and working with him/her via the cloud can ensure a smooth running of your business. Use your expertise to grow your business and get help for everything else that needs doing; including making you look good on a variety of social media sites!

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