Hopefully you and your business have had a prosperous 2017 and has proven to be a success? Whether this was the year you started your business, or you have been established for some time, maintaining and growing your hair and beauty salon means being aware of current trends in the market as well as increasing brand recognition.

This is easier said than done! So below are some tips on how you can boost your salon business in 2018:

1. Re-evaluate your salon’s style and decor.

Does your salon look tired and outdated? Could it do with a fresh lick of paint?  How about the sign outside your salon? Does it stand out? You’ll attract more customers with a clean, updated-looking salon that focuses on a pampering spa-like experience for clients. An outdated salon might be costing you new client opportunities.

Which one gives a cleaner and more professional look?


2. Update your online presence

This is key! Practically everyone you are targeting now has an online presence somewhere and uses the internet to search for the best deals and best salons. If you haven’t already set up a company website you need to be doing this now! If you do already have one, then just like your premises, re-evaluate its style-does it also need updating?

Post facts, information or photos that your target audience would appeal to and that is in line with your brand/company image. For example, if your hair salon has a young, fun, modern feel, your posts should match this tone. On the other hand if your brand has more of a vintage, old school theme you may consider posting pictures that showcases this:

Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest offer you a way to connect to customers in a way that they will enjoy and that will benefit your business. Some examples of how each of these social media channels can increase your brand and boost sales.

#1 Facebook

You may be aware Facebook is the largest social media platform. In 2017, it had 2 billion MAU (monthly active users). In this digital era, it is rare to find a client who doesn’t have a Facebook page. Facebook is about including posts with up to date information about what is happening with your business-whether you have opened a new branch or included some more services/treatments. This site is also good for posting promotions and special offers to promote brand loyalty. Photo posts tend to generate more likes and link clinks then average text or link posts.


In order to engage with your customers, you need to be posting daily relevant content – engaging customers and inviting them to come in to your salon:

“Autumn has arrived – change your make up to autumnal colours!”

“Why Not Sparkle This Summer!”

It’s also useful to ask current clients to post testimonials of the products or services they have tried out. Often people read other people’s testimonials or reviews before going to a new salon or trying out a new product.

#2 Instagram

Instagram is currently the most popular social media platform for young users. Its site is great for uploading pictures and videos of latest styles and treatments you carry out. Pictures are a great way to market your hair and beauty salon and show a wide variety of your work whether it is a funky nail art, make up brands or treatments.

Just like Facebook, use Instagram to post promotions and offers. It is perfect for posting contests.  A lot of brands and business owners are doing this as a way to reach out to more customers (e.g. asking current customers to tag their friends to the post thus reaching out to a wider audience).



#3 Pinterest

Pinterest users are mainly female. It has reached 150 million users and 71% of users are female. This can be very useful to target female segment of the sector and promote services exclusive to women. You can upload pictures of trendy hair styles for example or promote your brand of make up or treatments. You can even showcase your skills as a nail artist by uploading pictures of your work.


No one really goes onto Pinterest to buy something. They’re usually there to get ideas and be inspired. The good news is 93% of Pinterest users buy online and 83% of the pinners have purchased something they’ve seen on Pinterest.

The beauty industry has always had the opportunity to inspire but more so now than before. With images of cuts and styles and colouring that you’ve done in the past, you can potentially move a customer to take action when they had no intention of doing it in the first place.

If you sell products at your salon and show these on your website, make sure you link your “pins” on your Pinterest page to go directly to that products page on your website. For example if you’re selling a bottle of massage oil, make sure clicking on the image takes the user to the page where the massage oil can be bought , not to your home page. This can increase your sales conversion dramatically.


#4 Twitter

Twitter is a great way for your salon business to provide current information and share interesting articles related to your industry. Twitter is where hashtags were originally created, so use them on Twitter as well as Instagram.

Insert hashtags at the end of updates, as a way to make contest posts unique or to tag a specific geographic location such as #London #beautysalon #growincloud

Use Twitter to share articles or interesting facts or stories in relation to your hair/beauty salon. Customers who follow you on Twitter are interested in what you have to say and likely want your advice when it comes to their beauty or hair care. Attach links in your “tweets” to direct them to the articles/posts.



3. Have An Online Booking System

Once you have an online presence, have a way that makes things easier for your customers.  Remember, they are just as busy as you and if you can provide a feature on your website that allows them to be able to contact you 24/7 at a time that is convenient to them, then surely it’s a win-win situation for both you the salon owner and them, the client.

Make sure you have a CTA (Call to action) button for them to make a booking or request information/call back. You can use Grow in Cloud a cloud based software that can enable you to take bookings and show your staffs real time availability to clients. It will save you time in running the business and its auto SMS Reminders reduces no-shows. It also allows both new and existing customers to schedule and manage appointments while owners/staff concentrate on their work. 

4. Reward loyalty

It’s important to keep your current customers happy and ensure they come back again. As well as rewarding them for returning you can also offer monthly specials/discounts if they refer friends. Provide extra rewards for customers who refer numerous friends to help grow your business. Remember they are “ambassadors” for your business and if they are satisfied then they will be more than happy to help promote you. The best way to reward or promote is through SMS. Even though emailing is good you have a better success rate if you reach your customers through SMS-refer to our SMS V Email Marketing infographic.

5. Participate in local fundraisers to get your brand noticed.

Focus on charities that relate to people to show your support to customers. If you’re fundraising for Hair Salons, you’ll want specific fundraising ideas based around this theme. “Locks of Love” (an organization that provides hairpieces to disadvantaged sick children) or for Spa Salons a breast-cancer awareness event (Pink October) gives your salon a chance to do something positive and get noticed.

6. Reach out to your community

Let’s face it your clients aren’t going to trek for miles on end to go to a hair or beauty salon for treatment, so it’s really important to reach out to your local community through various marketing strategies. Not only do you need to promote and market yourself electronically through email and SMS campaigns but think about including your business in local directories, taking out adverts in magazines and producing pamphlets and brochures.


You also need to consider connecting with other local businesses. Why not offer your services for free for a handful of high-visibility local businesses? Perhaps offer services for a VIP event or for a local party?

You can approach businesses directly that are not only linked to your industry but where your target audience will be (gyms) and offer them free products/services. You can then ask if you could leave leaflets for them to advertise on your behalf in exchange for you to do the same thing.

The sample/free service and the personal relationship built with the other businesses is valuable. Your immediate neighbouring businesses are your best friends. Keep them happy and they send customers your way.

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