For someone who does pretty much everything online, from ordering gadgets on Amazon, grocery shopping to making appointments for the gas engineer to pop around, online appointment scheduling has been one of the most time efficient and useful tools to ever exist!

No more having to wait endlessly for someone to take your call and then go through different dates and times until you both reach an agreement! Most of the time, you can’t get through to the person on the other end because the line is engaged. Whilst you’re busy trying to get on with your work, you delay that phone call, only to realise the office hours are closed and you have to try again the next day!

We all have such busy days in the workplace, so trying to find the time to get those other important tasks done, such as making GP appointments, booking that hair appointment (for your best friend’s wedding) or even booking a gardening service (because you just haven’t got around to doing the garden yourself!) can prove to be really difficult.

By having access and using an online appointment scheduling service saves so much time for you as a client. From the comfort of your own home and at a time that’s convenient to you, you can book these all important tasks anytime and anywhere using any device!

For those of you that like visuals, here’s another way of explaining the perks of online scheduling:



How do small businesses benefit?

Clients these days prefer a different level of service now-one which they can access with a ‘click of a button’. We are now in a digital age and gone are the days where telemarketing is in fashion. It’s seen as more of an inconvenience now, as most people don’t like their precious time encroached upon by nuisance calls.

Businesses that currently use ‘Grow in Cloud’ have witnessed on average a 30% increase in revenue via online booking.

Small businesses that have access to their client lists can now send text messages to their clients to alert/remind them to book appointments. You’re more likely to get a response when you are letting your clients know that your services are available online 24/7 to make or reschedule bookings.

Often clients have the time to plan their tasks late in the evening after your business is closed for the day. When you offer online booking as a service, you give your clients a view into your schedule that allows them to book when they have availability. All you need is a website for them to access and all they need is internet connection and hey presto that appointment has been made! Even if you haven’t got around to creating a website for your service, Grow in Cloud client site gives you online presence and allows the clients to make those all-important bookings.

So in essence, online softwares, such as Grow in Cloud, that offers online scheduling provides you with the following benefits:

  •  Having fewer missed appointments with automatic SMS/ Email appointment reminders, eliminating the need to make manual phone call reminders
  •  Allowing clients to book and reschedule appointments 24/7 from any device
  •  Enjoying an admin dashboard that’s simple and easy to use
  •  Allowing employees to manage their own customer appointments, create invoices, and receive payments
  •  Providing a free client site where visitors can leave details and schedule appointments
  •  Helping your business build an online presence

Think of the amount of time you save trying to make appointments over the phone and how you can use this time more effectively-such as spending more time with your valuable clients.

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