In 2018, in order to grow their salon business, there should be a salons online booking system.This makes sense if salons are looking for new ways to retain their current customers, as well as bring in potential clients to the salon.

It’s no secret- the world has transformed itself to one of online presence and social media! User convenience is now the norm. It’s important to always have ideal clients in mind when thinking of ways to attract new ones.

salons online booking

[bctt tweet=”Multiple sources show that 35% of clients prefer booking appointments during after office hours. Not only that, but 25% of millennials (those under 35 years old) only book appointments online.” username=”cloud_grow”]

As you can see here, offering an online appointment system doesn’t restrict clients to making bookings during salon working hours. It also doesn’t mean clients have to leave voicemails for salon staff. These potential new clients will have more control over their appointments.

Bear in mind, this doesn’t replace phone call appointments and still allows those who aren’t tech-savvy to contact the salon still.

salons online booking


A salon appointment booking software such as Grow in Cloud can please both types of clients. It offers them the choice of scheduling an appointment (either by phone or online). If the client books over the phone, salon staff can enter the appointment details into the online booking system. Staff/Clients can also benefit from the rest of the features that the appointment booking software provides.


salons online booking

How Will An Online Appointments System Really Help The Salon?


  • 24/7 Access-Clients have 24/7 a week access to your appointment slots using Grow in Cloud’s software. They can’t see other people’s appointments. All they can see are slots that are available for their appointment.


  • Virtual Receptionist– An online booking system is like an additional staff member of the salon. Salon staff can carry out their tasks, while the planner fills up with appointments!


  • Free Client Site-Grow in Cloud’s booking panel is simple and easy to use. It allows the salon to customise it with the logo of the salon business, create a picture gallery, staff descriptions, its pricing list and customer reviews.


  • Modern Technology– As a salon it’s important to invest in the state-of-the-art equipment, follow the latest hair/beauty trends, as well as showcase brand-new treatments. So why not follow modern technology by using safe and secure cloud-based appointment software? Millennials (18-30 years), who spend more time using their tablets and smartphones, are far more likely to book their appointments over the internet. By offering online booking in the salon, it demonstrates that it is also in sync with modern technology.


  • Immediate Access To Information– Clients can get access to various treatment duration, prices and descriptions and staff they would like. When staff updates the prices in Grow in Cloud, the online booking system will automatically do the same.


salons online booking


  • Booking In Advance-Clients are not limited on how far into the future they can book. This is important for clients that have an important event, such as wedding, coming up and want to make sure their appointment is booked!


Grow in Cloud won’t take any deposit when booking online which means clients don’t lose out if they can’t make the appointment (even after cancelling!).


  • Reduces No Shows – Online bookings lead to lower cancellations and reduces client no shows. This is because the clients have control over their appointments. Appointment Reminders are also sent to clients either via SMS/email-depending on the salon’s preferred choice.


Once an online appointment system is place, it is important to let clients know that this is available. This can be done through:

  • Facebook – Use the Salon’s Facebook page to let followers know that online bookings are available. A link can be placed in the post to make it easier for client to get to the system. (Grow in Cloud can also place a button on the top of the Salon’s Facebook page to direct people to the salon’s online booking system. Staff in charge of the Facebook page could add a post. Using the Boost option on Facebook allows posts to reach thousands more potential clients!


  • Voicemail – Change the salon voicemail greeting to mention that clients can now make online bookings. Clients can still leave a message but it allows them the choice of not having to wait around for reception to be available.


  • In person – When a client comes to visit the salon for a treatment, while talking to them, the staff member can mention that the salon offers free online booking either through the website or Salon’s Facebook Page. It also subtly reminds clients to book with the salon again!

Choosing Grow in Cloud:

appointment bookings grow in cloud

Now that the benefits have been laid out, the only thing to do is to choose the right salon appointment software and enable online booking in the salon.

Check out Grow in Cloud – the easy to use salon and spa software used by professionals in the hair & beauty industry. To start a free 30 day trial, click here.


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