Over the past several years, online booking of tutoring lessons has been grown immensely in numbers. According to an article published in 2015 in the Huffington Post, there were over 500 private tutoring agencies operating in the UK, some with over 10,000 private tutors on their books.

In the summer months, thousands of children across the country spend hours cramming with GCSE and A level tutors in preparation for exams. Not only this, but many parents are worried about getting their children prepared for school entrance exams, held in October and November. All this means that many tutors are constantly busy.

Many parents are starting to choose online tutoring lessons over traditional ways of tutoring. The digital format of online tutoring lends itself really well to creating a permanent and easy-to access record for each tutoring session. This can then be passed onto parents at any given time.

For owners of a tutoring business (whether there is a team of you or you work solo), one of the bug bears of most tutors, is trying to schedule lessons to make sure there are no clashes!

There are lots of emails that go back and forth, to try and find a day and time (and in the right time zone) that works for you and your student.

With Grow in Cloud that stress can be taken away.

In a nutshell, Grow in Cloud’s Online Appointment Scheduling feature helps your schedule tutoring lessons online without the back-and-forth of emails.

appointment grow in cloud

Key Benefits of Grow in Cloud:

  • 24/7 appointment booking from anywhere, on any device and at any time.
  • Multi Time Zone & Multi Staff Calendars.
  • Automated booking confirmation and reminders.
  • Increased efficiency and productivity.


How does it work?

Here is a detailed step by step guide on how you would use Grow in Cloud’s online appointment scheduling feature as a tutor:

As A Tutor:

Log in to Grow in Cloud

To set up the appointment scheduling system, you need to select the business hours and timings of your availability:

Go to Calendar Business Hours Found on the left hand side of the screen.

You will see the days listed as below. An example appointment scheduling has been done:

appointment grow in cloud

To add more times on a particular day, select the + icon

To edit the timings on a particular day:

Click on the time and an option box will appear.

Click on the up or down arrow to change times:

appointment grow in cloud

Once your tutoring business hours have been selected for each day, go to:

Calendar Services (on the left).

This allows you to list all the services (sessions) your tutoring business provides.

To add more services (say for example, if you have employed a new tutor):

Click on the Add New Service button.

appointment grow in cloud

You can then add the service you want available, how long the session will be, how much it will cost and even add an image (of the tutor for example).

To start scheduling an appointment, go to Schedule Appointment on left hand side of menu bar.

appointment grow in cloud

When you select Start Time, a calendar pops up, for you to select the date.

Then time slots will appear for you to choose from:


appointment grow in cloud


appointment grow in cloud


appointment grow in cloud

You then complete the appointment scheduling by:

Choosing Subject matter of appointment

Choosing the service you are providing (by scrolling down list)

Selecting what type of appointment session it will be: phone call, skype or in person.

Selecting how you will contact your student about the appointment.

appointment grow in cloud

You can add notes for your student, for example, what to bring to the session or what the session will be about.

appointment grow in cloud

Once you click Save and Send, an appointment summary will be shown to you and an email will be sent to your student.

You will also be able to see other recent appointments with the student, on the right hand side.

appointment grow in cloud

An example email of what your student will receive.

appointment grow in cloud

If an appointment needs to be rescheduled for unforeseen circumstances, go to:

Calendar (on the left hand side of the dashboard screen)

Double click the appointment you want to change:

appointment grow in cloud

appointments grow in cloud

Note: Personal details have been hidden for data protection.


You will see the details of the appointment open up.

To reschedule, select the reschedule button (scroll down to the bottom of the screen)

appointment grow in cloud

Then edit the date and time for your next available appointment.

Once edited, select the Reschedule button:

appointment grow in cloud

Confirmation of the rescheduled appointment will appear, with a pop up notice.

The pop up will say that an email/SMS of the rescheduled appointment has been sent to your student:

appointment grow in cloud

You can view the calendar for the month.

It can be set so that only you can see your own calendar or you can set it so the whole team can view calendar, depending on their role in the tutoring business.

Select Next if you want to see the bookings for the following month.

appointment grow in cloud

Note: Personal details have been hidden for data protection.

The calendar is colour coded, so you can see the type of appointments easily:

appointment grow in cloud

If you hover over a particular calendar event, you get to see the full details.

appointment grow in cloud

Note: Personal details have been hidden for data protection.


For A Student Wanting To Book An Appointment:

Grow in Cloud offers a free, easy-to-use, customizable client site, where visitors can book appointments, share documents, make online payments and much more.

If you already have a website, our Live Web Widget easily integrates and allows you to take appointments and capture leads. Alternatively you get a booking site from which student can book lessons and communicate with you.

Here’s how it works:

The student goes on to your client/booking website. See below

The student clicks on Schedule Now (on Book an appointment button) to get started:

appointment grow in cloud

The student is given options that you, as a tutor, have set for them to choose from:

Once the option is selected, the student then has to select the staff member.

If only one tutor is assigned to that particular student, only one name will appear on their screen.

Student clicks on the name in order to go to the next step:

appointment grow in cloud

The following notification will appear confirming the appointment request.

Note: Timings can be adjusted for students in another time zone.

Once the details are confirmed as correct, the student will need to click on the Proceed button.

appointment grow in cloud

Options will then be given for the student to select a suitable day and time:

appointment grow in cloud

Once chosen, the student:

Clicks on Proceed to Request An Appointment to give their details (if they are new and have not yet signed up).

Then selects Book and Pay Now

appointment grow in cloud

The student completes the form requesting the subject and the type of appointment (skype, call or in person).

When the email address is entered, the system recognises this is a registered student, so no further details need to be added.

The student then selects Book An Appointment.

Here the student will be asked to confirm their payment details.

Depending on how the student has set up their account, they can pay via Stripe, PayPal or credit card.

appointment grow in cloud

A dialogue box will appear to show details of the appointment request that has been sent.

appointment grow in cloud

As a tutor, you can access your student’s appointment requests from any device-i.e. from your mobile phone and respond by:

Accessing via your email

Logging into your account

Reviewing the details then

Clicking on Accept Request button

appointment grow in cloud

Once the appointment has been accepted by the tutor, an email/SMS or both (depending on setting) will be sent to the student, to confirm the appointment has been accepted.

Both the student and tutor are able to sync the appointment to their Google/Microsoft/Yahoo calendar.

The student is also able to reschedule appointment if some unforeseen circumstance happens.

appointment grow in cloud


To get a PDF version of this appointment scheduling guide, send us an email with your request at info@growincloud.com 


The other great thing about Grow in Cloud, is you can send SMS/Email reminders to the students about their appointments-to avoid disappointment with no turn ups.

To discuss this feature and many more; such as document sharing-another useful feature for tutors and students alike, then contact Grow in Cloud for a free demo.

You can even sign up for a free trial and have a go yourself at using the features of Grow in Cloud.


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