We are all getting older but one thing tends to remain the same. That is the desire to look and feel good. So, as a hair/beauty/spa salon, it is just as important to successfully market and appeal to mature clients, as it is to the younger ones.

While millennials are who the beauty companies relentlessly market their products to, a recent Women’s Marketing blog post states that another generation may be just as influential: the Baby Boomers!

Baby Boomers (people who are between 53 and 71 years old) represent one of the fastest-growing portions of the population. Today, next to Millennials, Baby Boomers are the nation’s largest living generation, in the US. Also, women over 45 currently represent nearly 50% of the female population in the UK.

As a business owner, you are constantly trying to deal with fierce competition. It is easy to forget the older clients in this digital age of social media. Here, you need to think of a slightly different marketing strategy, when trying to approach more mature clients. However, don’t assume that just because they are older, they aren’t tech-savvy!

It is important to realise that mature clients may not be looking for the same services as their younger counterpart. When they come in a hair salon, for example, they might not want to cover their white hairs-in fact some embrace it! They usually want flattering looks that will suit them at their age. As a beauty therapist, your task is to develop a holistic approach that works with their changing skin and health.

salon marketing mature clients

The 60+ demographic have time and money to spend. They may have recently retired, so have disposable income. Whatever their reasons, these men and women are just as interested in hair trends and wanting to look and feel their best.

Here are some facts provided by Schwarzkopf Professional about the over-60s market. Here are reasons why you should develop a new approach when thinking about your mature clients:

  • Clients (50+) go to the salon 10 times a year (that’s 50% more than anyone else).
  • ‘Cut-only’ white hair clients represent 30% of your salon’s client base.
  • Clients (50+) want trend-based colour services
  • The greying client who wants to look younger (and cover their white hair) represents 80% of your salon base opportunity.
  • The greying client that embraces their age (and enhances their white hair) represents 20% of your salon client base.

So with these facts in mind, it would be foolish to ignore this generation of potential clients.

The same goes for the beauty and spa salons. The older women are generally remembered during Mother’s Day. Offers and promotions are available for these women during this one time of year. Then tend to be forgotten about till the following year!

This approach needs to change. Careful consideration needs to take place when deciding how to appeal to this market.

Ways to Successfully Market Your Salon for Mature Clients:

1. Word Of Mouth

The best place to start to market your salon is to ask your current clients to share your services with their more mature friends/family. Provide them with business cards and fliers that they are more likely to pass on. For clients who have retired, offer a discounted service during weekdays.  Don’t be afraid to introduce a loyalty or ‘Refer A Friend’ scheme if you don’t already have one.

salon marketing mature clients


2. Social Media

Don’t assume, just because the target audience is 50 years or older, they aren’t tech savvy. In fact, there are many more over 50s that are Facebook users. According to statistics, over 47 million users are 55+ years in the US and around 6 million in U.K (according to The Guardian). So, if you are already marketing hard on social media, then don’t forget this generation with age appropriate offers and treatments.

Images that you post don’t just have to be of the younger generation. Lots of before and after images posted are of young men and women who have had their hair or beauty treatment done. Don’t alienate your older, loyal clients! It’s nice to show them off too!

3. Use Email/Direct Mail Marketing

For those clients, who haven’t quite mastered social media, then email marketing is still just as effective.

For those who aren’t tech-savvy at all then don’t forget to still use print marketing. If you’re promoting a seasonal offer or want to reward a loyal client, then using direct mail has proven to be quite successful with many salons and spas.

Other ways for offline marketing could be to get a free/paid advert to run in the Yellow Pages/Local Courier and/or the local newspaper.

You could also link up with other health professionals or a local charity.  Or even have printed leaflets left at your reception desk explaining your treatments. This would be picked up by your clients on their way out, who would then pass on to their friends and family.

4. Use Appropriate Imagery

Just like your marketing message, you need to change your imagery and avoid stereotypes. Not all men and women retire and are seen walking along the beach, hand in hand with their partner!

salon marketing mature clients

Most mature couples these days still aim to look young and feel fit and healthy. To successfully market to mature clients, you need to look at your customers’ attitudes and habits. What is it they do? Remember many are not retirement age yet, so don’t put them all in the same category.

Look at your own salon or spa marketing. Are the marketing messages full of stereotypes and generalizations (only marketing anti-aging cream for the older clients?)

5. Offer Appropriate Treatment/Products

Everything doesn’t always have to be about anti-ageing or preventing wrinkles from forming! Stock up on feel good treatments/look beautiful products that suit the 50+ generation.

salon marketing mature clients

Red Online (online fashion magazine) has listed some of their best skincare products for mature skin.

As skin becomes different as we get older, think about other products that clients still use but may need to change:

  • This could be deeper, more nourishing oils and creams for drier skin.
  • Or, thinner liquid-foundation.
  • Hair products that prevent thinning (suitable for all ages)
  • Lighter shade of lipsticks or eye-shadows
  • Even think about promoting primers for skin that become patchier in places.
  • Also, as women become older their eyebrows may become sparse, so perhaps they are in need of an eyebrow pencil to enhance their look.

The point here is that offers and treatments should be tailored for your mature clients in different ways-not just the generic and stereotypical ways.


So let’s recap the main point: If your idea of marketing to mature clients is showing a silver-haired couple on the beach, holding hands then you’ve missed the point!

Think this:

salon marketing mature clients Rather than this!:

salon marketing mature clients


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