It’s July-exams are over! Teachers are counting down the days, till they can recharge their batteries during their well-deserved summer break! Ready to start all over again in September! This last term has also been incredibly busy for tutors. They have been working hard, alongside the schools/colleges to get them prepared and ready to sit the exams.

While teachers are thinking of their planned holidays, tutors on the other hand, may still be teaching students, who need catch up sessions, before they start the new school year. According to a private tutoring survey, 1 in 4 school children receive private tutoring over the holidays, to keep their minds active.

However, work might still be a lot slower than usual for tutors. Especially if students are going away on family breaks away in the summer holidays. So, this would be the best time to reflect how the tutoring business has gone and what areas of the business need to be improved. This would also be the best time to think about switching to a cloud-based tutor software to automate admin tasks. By using the cloud, it gives the tutors flexibility to access work anywhere, on any device. With automating certain important tasks, it leaves the tutors free to concentrate on teaching the students.

tutors cloud software

Come September, when students get back into schools, both students and parents begin worrying about their children’s attainment. They start to think about SATs results, as well as children placements into high school for the following year. Then, there are some parents who are preparing their children for 11 plus exams, to ensure the children get into a grammar school of their choice. The pressures of making progress are endless, for both students and parents nowadays.

This blog gives great tips on how to deal with exam pressure. However, it’s also up to the teachers and tutors to alleviate that pressure. They need to ensure the young students build a strong foundation that sets them up for life.

Unlike lessons at school or college, home or online tutoring allows parents to enjoy the fact that there’s nobody else with their child… just the tutor. If the child doesn’t understand something, or they have missed something at school, then they just need to ask! This is without the risk of embarrassing themselves in front of their peers. Setting out regular sessions between the tutor and student allows piece of mind and continuity.

There are many admin issues involved and that’s even before starting to teach a lesson! These tasks involve: scheduling lessons, emailing students with assignments, tracking payment and sending sesson reminders to students.

A great way is to handle all of this in one easy-to-use cloud based, business management software; Grow in Cloud.

tutors cloud software

Appointment Scheduling:

Read our blog which has a detailed guide on how to use Grow in Cloud’s Appointment Scheduling feature. When trying to get a session booked between tutors and students, there is a lot of ‘toing and froing’ with emails going back and forth, trying to find a date and time that’s suits both parties. But with online appointment scheduling, this stress is taken away as both tutors and clients can see in real time when the sessions are available and book it there and then.

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SMS/Email Reminders:

When lessons are booked online, either from a laptop or a mobile phone, tutors can be reassured that there will be no missed appointments. This is by having SMS/ Email reminders sent automatically to the students/parents about their upcoming sessions. This reminder feature allows the parents/students to confirm, cancel, or request a reschedule. Tutors have complete control of when and how their clients should be notified of their future appointments. This automated service frees up time and more importantly reduces no shows-which isn’t great when tutors have planned lessons in advance and/or turned down other students, because of the lesson.

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Uploading lesson plans:

Having access to the internet means the world is your oyster in terms of finding lesson ideas. But as a qualified teacher it’s your job to decipher those plans, adapt and differentiate them to the needs of your students. By using Grow in Cloud you can upload the adapted and differentiated lesson plans that can then be used time and time again and be accessed anywhere.

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Document Sharing:

One of the bug bears that teachers and tutors have globally is the amount of paperwork that is involved;setting out work, marking the work and then providing written reports. By sharing online homework tasks, or links to websites for research purposes, this limits the amount of paperwork flying around. Great news, when the student is already getting a ton load from their school!

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Homework can be set online using editable pdf documents, that can be shared through the website. Once the work is done, it can be sent using the same format and checked there and then online. This saves a huge amount of time and paper.

Emails/SMS can be sent to students/parents stating that a document has been shared. The students/parents can then access it on any device.


Tutor/Parent Communication:

Communication between tutors and parents is vital. They are paying you to teach their children and accountability is becoming the norm. One way of communicating could be that lesson plans are emailed to parents, so that they can see the work you are carrying out with their children. This can be done using the Customer Messaging Feature.

Sometimes before the lesson takes place, the parent needs to be informed of a specific textbook required for the session. So, this can also be done using the tool, allowing for safe and secure communication between tutor and parent. All this with the safeguarding of children being of primary importance.

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Online Invoicing/Payment:

The Online Payment feature allows parents to pay for sessions from their home. They can do it in whichever way is most convenient: credit/debit card, PayPal, or Stripe. Additionally, the Online Invoicing Tool enables tutors to send invoices and payment reminders automatically. This prevents those awkward face to face moments when you need to ask for payment! With a click of a button your time is then used wisely to concentrate on lesson planning and teaching.

tutors cloud software

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Mobile devices are preferred by many clients now, because of the convenience it offers. Grow in Clouds’ mobile-friendly software will allow tutors and their students to work more efficiently from anywhere.

Grow in Cloud’s mobile friendly software ensures that tutors, parents and students can have unrestricted access to their information (their bills/invoices that need to be sent or lessons they have scheduled) wherever they are and whenever they want.

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Admin taken care of so you can focus on your skills, which is to teach!

Grow in Cloud’s features truly take care of the admin side of business! It will substantially reduce the amount of admin work for tutors. The Online Appointment Bookings feature eliminates the need to answer/reply to as many customer phone calls/emails, while you are busy teaching. It also ensures the availability of real-time and up-to-date information for clients, reducing the risk of miscommunication.

You may need hands-on experience with a tutor management system, to know if it is the right choice for your tutor business. Grow in Cloud offers its users a free 30 day trial, with full functionality, so when you sign up, you know exactly what you’re going to get. For a free 30 day trial, sign up here.

Contact us at for a free demo of the software too. With the demo, we can guide you and answer any questions you may have.

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