Whether you are a start-up or a well-established salon, all successful hair and beauty salons have to stay on top of trends. This means embracing the social media world too. Social media is a great branding tool for small business owners, so using it properly can give you an advantage over your competitors.

Many of your clients will be members of various social media platforms, so you shouldn’t doubt the effectiveness of marketing this way, in order to target and engage as many new potential clients as possible.

This detailed blog post will focus on specific social media sites that are suitable for your hair and beauty salon business. It will explain why and how to make the best use of the features they have to offer.

According to Digital Information World (January 2019) the top social media platforms are Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and Instagram. It is highly likely that your customers are on at least one of these sites, making them a great place to start. Pinterest is a search engine so although not seen as a social media platform, it is still a useful site for hair and beauty salons. This infographic gives you demographics for each channel.

These top sites are also the best platforms to use for hair and beauty salons. If you are just starting out, then it would be best to set up a business profile on one or two sites. Focus on this in detail. You can always expand to other platforms later. You don’t want to to spreading yourself too thin!

Most social media platforms do have some similarity in the way you need to post updates or share images. But, there are also some that have a different way of interacting with people. You need to learn how to communicate with each “platform’s language.” Effective communication looks different on Facebook than it does on Twitter than it does on Instagram and so on… Don’t worry… all will be explained below!

What you don’t want to do is create a profile on lots of social media sites as part of your marketing strategy and then find that you are overwhelmed with all the new “language” and can’t keep up with all your posts and updates.

So with this in mind, the first two to start off with your hair and beauty salon is:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram

One has the most users out of all of them and the other is the most popular social media platform currently on trend.


Worldwide there are over 2 billion active monthly Facebook users. With this statistic it makes absolute sense that your business should be on this social media platform. Not only does it help stay in touch with your current customers and improve retention rates, but the fact that practically everyone is on it also helps you gain more exposure for your business.

Setting up Facebook Business page

Just like you separate your personal life to your business one, you need to do the same and distinguish between your personal accounts from your business one. Use Facebook Business Manager which will keep everything organised and secure, especially if you have more than one salon or have a team that need to access the social media account.

Before exploring further features, let’s start with the basics. For many online users, your social media page is their first point of contact with your business – so be sure all the important information about your business is there:

1) Name, Address, Phone (NAP)

You need these three on your profile page to help potential clients know about your business straight away when searching salons through Facebook. Apart from that, Google crawls these pieces of information to verify your business website, so make sure your social media NAP is consistent with your salon’s website and Google My Business page.

2) About

The About section is the window into your social media page. It’s often the first thing visitors will check to see if your salon is worth their business and meets their needs.

3) Photos

Photos provide a face to your business, so it’s important that you’re making a positive impression. Upload a professional photo of your salon and a cover picture to add more personality to your page.

4) Website URL

Don’t forget to add your salon website on the Facebook page! It helps boost your site’s ranking and verifies your business on Google. Take advantage of the grey verification badge (shown in above picture) offered by Facebook for businesses as well. This helps users discover your page easily in search results.

What next?

Once the basics are all set up, it’s now about reaching out to your clients and potential customers. When customers visit your salon, direct them to your Facebook page and ask them to “Like” and “Follow” your page.

This will be seen by their contacts on their list. This will hopefully gain the interest of their friends and family who will go onto your page and if they like what they see, they will follow you too.

What to post?

You now need to develop your Facebook page (just like you would in your personal account) in order to promote you salon. This is done by adding:

  • photos
  • posts
  • videos

You are operating in a creative industry and the best way to showcase your talent is through photos that illustrate your creative side. Remember, your Facebook page is an extension of your portfolio.

Share before and after pictures and videos to show potential clients what you and your team can do for their hair.

Photo posts tend to generate more likes and link clinks then average text posts.

Building relationships with your clients and potential clients is really important and one of the best ways of doing this on Facebook is to post consistent and daily updates. This tells them that you are always available and accessible; you are up to date with the current trends and willing to interact with your clients.

Example posts could include:


  • informing your customers if you have opened another branch
  • any new services or treatments you have available
  • if you have changed your opening hours for specific days or periods of time (i.e. Christmas or Valentine’s Day…)
  • promotional or referral offers for clients
  • limited time only offers
  • relevant articles that relate to your industry

How to increase exposure?

If you want to reach out to a wider audience you can use Facebook Ads Manager to target a specific audience using a demographic criterion of your choice (e.g. age, gender, location…) and this can be done by setting a marketing budget as little as £5 a day.

The good thing is Facebook promotes the business for you but doesn’t charge you unless somebody clicks on the page.

Facebook’s soft rollout of its “Book Now” button allows clients to book hair appointments directly from the platform.

For salons that use online scheduling software such as Grow in Cloud, making the most of this action button will be an essential factor in keeping up with your competition.


Moving on to the next social media platform to use. You have heard of the phrase; “a picture is worth a thousand words.” In the case of Instagram and what it can do for your hair and beauty salon – this couldn’t be more true!

Given the visual nature of Instagram and its potential to reach so many customers, it’s ideal for hair and beauty salons

As mentioned before. Instagram is the most popular platform being used at the moment, with 1 billion monthly active users (June 2018). 64% of users are 18-29 year old. So, if this is the demographic you want to target for you hair or beauty salon, then it’s definitely worth using, to engage with your customers and convert interests to sales.

Setting up Instagram account

Just like other sites, you need to set up a business account. Once you’ve created a profile, all you need to do is upload your images. Insta-experts recommend keeping the photos and videos fun, fresh and quirky.

Just like Facebook, set up a separate account by downloading the app. Sign up with a new business account.

Just like your personal account, you will be asked to create a username and password, as well as setting up your profile image.

These are two of the most important steps because they secure your hair and beauty salon’s name and will make it easy for people to find and follow you.

Profile Basics

Once you have added your profile picture (of you or business logo) and cover photo, showing your brand, you’ll be asked to enter your full business name and phone number.

If you you’re the face of your business then use your own name. Add a phone number you want clients to use to contact you for bookings-Remember, it needs to match the number on your website.

Social Media for Hair and Beauty Salons

Be sure to fill out the website and bio fields. This is the ONLY place on Instagram that allows you to use a URL. If you were to post a URL in the text of a photo you’re sharing, people who see it won’t be able to click it, so they have to go to your bio.

It’s best to upload a few pictures before following/requesting followers as you want to give them a reason to want to follow you. A blank profile won’t be very inviting!

What to post?


As mentioned under the Facebook section, use before and after photos. When a customer is going for a new nail colour or a dramatic cut, it’s a chance to take photos and share your talents on your Instagram account. Remember, to get permission first when sharing your clients before and after photos.

Instagram is all about the visuals! So, you have to post high resolution and clearly focused photos on your Instagram page. Take time to get the best shot before posting the picture.

Share latest wedding hairstyles you have recently done or nail colours or designs that are on trend at the moment, to inspire customers to try for themselves.

Social Media for Hair and Beauty Salons

Offering a promotion?

Share it on Instagram. Take a picture of the in-store poster that you are using to advertise the promotion or event and use that image for Instagram.

Endorsing a product

When a new styling product or tool comes in to your salon, take a photo and share it on Instagram. You don’t want to advertise products too often, but once in a while is fine.

Here you will see the use of hashtags which will be explained later.

Be fun and quirky

Instagram users tend to be young and on trend so try posting quirky posts in addition to just product or service-related posts. Once in a while a feel good post can engage and inspire your customers.

When to post?

Again, as with all the other social media sites, post regularly! The best times to post on Instagram is Monday from 2-3pm and 8-9pm. More importantly stick to a schedule that suits your business and keep to it. Most people tend to check their social media accounts first thing, in the morning, during lunch break and then evenings-so play around until you notice when you are getting more “likes” on your posts.


Hashtags are an important part of Instagram. Just like Google uses keywords for SEO, Instagram uses hashtags as their version of this. They use the symbol # in front of keywords. Hashtags are a major way of getting found on Instagram. When someone searches Instagram for something, it scans hashtags to come up with results.

It’s a good idea to use a handful of hashtags. Instagram allows 30 hashtags per post but that’s too much.  Four or five hashtags can improve your visibility.

Example hashtags to use to get noticed:

#Hair #Hairstyle #Hairoftheday #Haircut #Hairstylist #Haircolour #Hairdresser #Hairfashion #Hairextensions #Instahaircolour #Hairup #Hairideas #Hairsalon #Haircare

But remember to use geographically targeted hashtags as well as the name of your hair salon, so followers can see you on location search:

#Londonsalon #NYsalon #MyHairSalon

By monitoring keywords you can find out who is searching what and where and tailor your posts accordingly.

If you post a shot of a wedding hair do, using #WeddingUpdo is a good idea. However, the hashtag is very generic, so it could get a lot of search results for followers and your picture could get lost in the crowd.

In addition to general hashtags, use specific words too like #FrenchBraidWeddingUpdo, or use both, by including #FrenchBraid and #WeddingUpdo. Help potential customers find your salon by tagging your photos with your business name and its city.

How to increase exposure?

Strategic use of #hashtags is one of the best ways of boosting exposure and expanding your reach, because it allows you access to people searching for their interests who aren’t already following you. Increasing the number of users you are following is a way to reach out.

If you post a link to your website on your Instagram bio page, you can also drive traffic towards it.

Add Action Buttons to your profile. In addition to important insights like profile views and link clicks, you’ll also have the ability to post multiple “action buttons.” These are buttons at the bottom of your bio that allows clients to do things like call you, email you and book you from the app.

Instagram Book Button

Social Media for Hair and Beauty Salons

You’ll need an Instagram business account to get the Instagram Book button. It’s free to add.

Adding a Book action button allows clients to schedule appointments from your Instagram business profile using the Instagram app on their mobile phones.

It is important to note that at the moment, the “Book” button is only available for use within the Instagram mobile app. The button will not appear on your business profile on the web (e.g. if a client is using a computer or tablet to view your Instagram profile).

Adding a Book button

(1) Start the Instagram app on your phone

(2) Make sure you are on your Instagram business profile

(3) Tap on your profile icon

(4) Tap the Edit Profile button

(5) On the Contact Options page, tap Add an action button

(6) Add the URL (“link”) for your scheduling page, including https://

Insta Stories

In August 2016, Instagram launched Instagram stories. This feature allows users to take photos or videos which disappear after 24-hours. After launching this feature, people started sharing more on Instagram. 500 million Instagram accounts use Instagram Stories every day (Instagram, 2018). Not just that but 1/3 of the most viewed Insta Stories are from businesses.

Before Instagram stories, people were sharing their important moments, which wasn’t usually on a daily basis. Insta Stories gives people a better reason to share their everyday moments without actually having to keep the content on their profile.

This is also a great opportunity for hair and beauty salons to increase your visibility. You can add behind the scene shots for an open day or special event taking place in your salon. You could also share “shoutouts” from customers (with their permission) to your salon. Before and after shots can also be shown in Insta Stories especially if you don’t want to overload your profile page with before and after posts.

Social Media for Hair and Beauty Salons

Feeling confident to use more social media platforms?

If you are feeling confident or you have employed someone to manage your social media accounts then here are the next two social media sites to consider when marketing your hair salon.


Twitter is a great way for your hair and beauty salon business to provide information, share interesting related articles or hold contests. It has over 310 million active users worldwide.

84% of shoppers use Twitter for deals, gift ideas but more importantly for product/service reviews so having a strong and positive presence on Twitter is important for successful campaigning.

Setting up Twitter account

Here’s an overview of the five different parts of a Twitter profile and practices to keep in mind if you plan to advertise on Twitter.

1) Your Twitter @name

Your @name is your unique identifier on Twitter. It should help people easily find your salon business. Your name (which you can change as you please) appears above your @name (which is permanent and should be the business name).

2) Your profile photo

Choose a profile photo that visually represents your business or brand and fits well in a small space (For consistency, use the same picture you are using on Facebook and Instagram to avoid confusion for customers who find you). This image isn’t just on your profile page; it is the icon in every “tweet” you post.

3) Your bio

You have to let people know what makes your account special and why they should follow and go to you over any other salon. Include useful information, such as your location or business hours and a link to your website.

4) Your header image

Consider this your billboard. It is similar to the cover profile picture on Facebook. You can use photo of your salon, photo of your team, share latest event photos or highlight your salon brand. You can change this image regularly to highlight promotions, events or product news.

5) Your “pinned tweet”

Keep an important tweet at the top of your timeline by pinning it there. Click on the “more” option on the tweet you want to “pin” and select “Pin to your profile page.” This feature allows visitors to make sure they don’t miss key information about your salon, latest news which could be a change of location or a new branch that you have opened up.

What to tweet?

A tweet is similar to a post on Facebook or Instagram. Twitter is no different from any other social media platform; use your specific keywords to help push your salon up the Google page rankings.

For salons here are some keywords to think about:

Hair salon, beauty salon, make up artist, beautician, therapist, hairdressers, your town name, hair offers, specific hairstyle, seasonal promotion

Latest trends

Avoid just tweeting about what is happening in your salon. Instead, try including useful information about the latest trend in hairstyles and links, for example, seasonal hair and beauty care tips or hair styling ideas (link back to your Facebook or website).

Promotional offers or discounts

You can link the offers you are advertising on Facebook or Instagram to ensure your promotion reaches a wide as audience as possible.

Share industry related articles- e.g. “How to look after dry hair…”, “How often should you have a facial…”

Promote other Twitter users – Just like other social media platforms; engage with your followers and other businesses, who in turn can help promote your salon.

Try to promote your hair and beauty salon no more than 20% of the time and the rest sharing blogs, other user’s articles, retweeting other user’s tweets (same as sharing other people’s posts on Facebook).

Using Hashtags

Twitter was the first platform to introduce hashtags. Twitter hashtag is simply a keyword phrase, without spaces, with the # in front of it (just like Instagram). A hashtag links all Twitter users (who are not otherwise connected) who are interested or researching the same topic. It pulls them into one easy list for you when trying to find a salon in a particular location, for example.

Twitter Direct Messages (DM):

Using the Twitter settings on your business account, make sure you are able to receive an email when someone sends you a direct message. If someone asks you a genuine question about your salon services via DM then you want to get back to them.

This is crucial if you’ve tweeted a limited time offer offer such as ‘ Only 4 blow-dry appointments available today’. Your followers/clients may well want more information or request a booking and more than likely message you via Twitter so will be looking for their DM to be answered in return.


YouTube is the world’s second most popular website (with Google being the first) and the second most popular search engine, that people use when finding out how to do something. 1.9 billion logged-in users visit YouTube every month.

From an online marketing point of view, YouTube can offer huge rewards for your hair and beauty salon business. However, what you want to aim for is getting your salon business to upload content that viewers will want to watch. With 400 hours of videos uploaded every minute, you want to avoid yours getting buried amongst them all.

Setting up YouTube account

1. Go to youtube.com.

2. Click “Sign-in” in the top right corner of the page.

3. Select “Create account.”

4. Fill out the fields required to create your Google account.

Once you’ve created your Google account, you’ll be taken to the YouTube homepage.

From there:

1. Click on “My Channel” from the menu on the left side.

2. Click on “Use a business or other name” on the pop-up that appears.

3. Choose a name for your channel and the category that best describes your business. Note that a Google+ page will automatically be created under this name as well.

Now you have created your account, it’s all about creating an exciting and inviting profile page just like any other social media site! Like any profile you create on a social network platform, the appearance of your YouTube account is a direct reflection of your business. As before, use the same profile pictures if you want customers to instantly recognise your business.

What to post/upload?

Salon Promo

One idea for your YouTube Salon Channel is to upload a video that actually promotes your salon. It is a way of telling your potential clients who you are, what you may specialise in and why you should be their choice.

Product Reviews

When clients come in to the salon, you occasionally try and upsell your products especially if you feel it would benefit your clients hair or beauty care regime.

The products can be reviewed online by creating a simple video about your product range. You can use this video to discuss the benefits of each product, just as you would if the client was sitting in the salon with you.

Client Testimonials

Another great way to use your “Salon Channel” is to post videos of client testimonials. This doesn’t have to have big production value either-just something they might record using their smartphones.

What you get here is an excellent form of marketing! Your customers are your ambassadors for your brand and they can help promote your business and entice other potential clients.

Tips/How to Guides

You could also create some skin care tips for clients to do at home. You could even create a “How-To…” series on creating new and unique looks. This would not only help your clients understand the importance of continual hair and skin care, but also help advertise your brand to future clients as well!

The possibilities of what videos to post are endless! In today’s world, creating videos is not as difficult as it used to be. If you have a smartphone, then you already have a camera. That is good enough to start recording a video straight away!

Below are some steps on how to make the best use of YouTube and more importantly, how to transform those viewers into customers.

Three steps to making effective use of YouTube:

1) Build a following by producing interesting, relevant content-i.e. keeping it simple, fun and relevant to your target audience.

2) Write strong calls to action in description -e.g. call this number to book an appointment today, click on my website to find out all the services we provide, follow us on Facebook to keep up to date with promotional offers…

3) Use analytics to effectively monitor traffic- YouTube gives you an insight into the effectiveness of your marketing campaign, telling you whether the campaigns are driving traffic to your website. YouTube also provides analytics on adverts, giving you an understanding of your audience’s likes and dislikes.


As mentioned above, Pinterest is a visual search engine and NOT a social media platform. It has revolutionized online shopping on their platform. With 250 million monthly active users and over 175 billion items pinned. It’s created an entirely new way to shop for products. In fact, 61% of pinners have made a purchase after seeing a product or idea on Pinterest.

So how can Pinterest help your hair and salon business? Here you can add pictures of your hair, nail, beauty styles for people to see. If they like what they see, then they click on your pin. It will then can take them to your website to make an appointment.

Social Media for Hair and Beauty Salons

Pinterest is also great to add blog posts about your hair and beauty industry or links to your YouTube channel. This helps with driving traffic to your website.


Social media users don’t want to be overloaded by options and certainly don’t want to be directed to a phone number (too often!) in order to make a booking. They want to see a salon they like which suit their needs. Then they want to book straightaway, with a click of a few buttons,

Features like Facebook’s and Instagram’s “Book Now” button remove the steps in your client’s journey. Already you’ll find call-to-action buttons like Facebook’s are becoming common across all the most popular social media sites- so you need to make sure your salon is up there with the competitors who have already created an online presence.

For appointment setting for businesses like hair and beauty salons, this process is even more critical. If clients can’t book an appointment immediately, then more often than not they will get too busy or forget to do it later.

Connect social media booking requests to cloud scheduling technology such as Grow in Cloud that uses an integrated automation platform. This pushes requests to staff schedules in real time, maximizing booking while minimizing administrative work.

After the client books, the automated system takes care of the confirmation and setup by sending an email or SMS confirmation and reminder, making it easy to reschedule or cancel.

As social media platforms are fast becoming the preferred method to book, hair and beauty salons that fail to adapt and have this in place will be left behind.

To start your 30 day free trial of all the features Grow in Cloud has to offer your hair and beauty salon, please click here.

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