Whether you are offering therapy services on your own or running a small practice, having a therapist scheduling software can help you a great deal. It can help with managing and growing your therapy business. Just like any other service-based business, you will make money by spending more time with your clients and offering therapy services suited to their needs.

However, you will need to book in clients first for the services you offer. It takes a lot of time and effort to manually book appointments with clients. You’ll have to go through all services you offer, give a price for each service, time of your availability. After all this, you then send an email for confirmation.  All this increases your admin work load and there is still a worry of overlapping of appointments (especially if more staff are involved in the booking process).

The good news is you can streamline the entire appointment booking process by using a therapist scheduling software. Grow in Cloud therapist scheduling software enables you to do this. It will give you more valuable time to spend with your clients, become more visible online and improve communication with your clients.

Some of the key features of therapist scheduling software, such as Grow in Cloud are:

Booking Site/Client portal

You will get a booking site which makes you more visible online. The site can be integrated with your existing website. Here, you can list the services you have to offer, the duration and the price.

therapist scheduling software
Example client site-you can add your own cover image, logo and description here.

The clients can then choose the service they want, with the therapist of their choice and at a day or time that is available and suits them.

therapist scheduling software
Example of how client will book their appointment. Grow in Cloud has the option of selecting different time zones. 

Also, each client will get a booking portal. The site will have a log of all their appointments and communication with you/therapist.

Bookings can also be integrated through your Business Facebook page as well.

Create/View Appointments

You can add and edit the services you want to offer on your website easily with Grow in Cloud.

therapist scheduling software
Example of services you can add to your booking site.

Plus, your clients can re/schedule appointments anytime, from anywhere at time of their convenience. This allows the clients to book out of office hours which may be more suitable for them.

therapist scheduling software
Example of how the services will appear to the client. They then select the service they require. This will then take them to the day and time page, as seen above.

It is also possible for you to make repeat bookings for clients and send appointments to them, either via email/SMS or both. They will then be sent a confirmation email/SMS:

therapist scheduling software
An example of an email sent with confirmation of service, day and time.

You will be able to view your calendar which will show yours and your team’s appointments (depending on the admin settings you choose e.g. a staff member may only see their own calendar, but you, as an owner, can see the calendar for all staff).

Appointment Reminder

You can send appointment reminder to your clients via SMS/email. You can customise time for reminder message to be sent prior to the appointment.

It has reduced no show ups for some of our clients by 80%.

You can customise the notification for clients, e.g. you can give minutes or no. of days notice. You can also select how they will be notified (either through SMS/email or both)

Calendar Synchronisation

You can link Grow in Cloud with Gmail, Outlook, iCloud and Yahoo calendars.  

For a free 30 day trial of Grow in Cloud, please sign up here. You can then start using some of the features for free, forever!

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