Even with Christmas just around the corner and all those lovely Christmas meals and parties, more and more people are still becoming more health conscious nowadays. However, having a busy working lifestyle means people can’t go to gym between 6-10 pm every evening. Technology and gig economy have opened greater opportunities for personal trainers to gain clients and help them meet their goals. They can offer their services around the clock, to meet the needs of their clients’ needs as well as increase their business.

Like any service-based business, time is key for personal trainers. Every minute they spend with clients will get them paid.Time spent away from clients, on the other hand, will cost them. Personal trainers lose a lot of valuable time on admin tasks such as booking appointments, rescheduling and calling clients to confirm attendance. This often leads to booking overlaps,which ends up frustrating customers and can harm the fitness business.

Another challenge personal trainer’s face is no show ups. When a client doesn’t turn up for a booked lesson, it costs them dearly. The missed appointment could have gone to another client. This can be solved by using a personal trainer scheduling software. This is where Grow in Cloud comes in handy.

personal trainers scheduling software
Grow in Cloud Client Site Page Example 

Grow in Cloud is a personal trainer scheduling software, which streamlines and automates appointment booking process. Personal trainers can get a free client site,which becomes a booking page. Here, he/she can list all the services they offer alongside with the price and working hours.

personal trainers scheduling software
Example Personal Training Packages Using Grow in Cloud

As it is a cloud-based software, the clients can book appointments from any device, at time of their convenience. The real time availability will only show time slots which are free. It will help personal trainers  fill up their calendar faster and enable to develop a better relationship with a customer. Personal trainers can view their calendar online and if they have a team can view each other’s too.

personal trainers scheduling software
Client names are hidden for confidentiality purposes

Having a personal training scheduling software reduces no show ups. With Grow in Cloud, personalised SMS/email reminders can be sent to clients prior to the appointment. Some of our clients have seen no show ups reduced by 80%.

If a customer is unable to attend the session, he/she can reschedule it by clicking on the booking link and select the new day and time. A personal trainer scheduling software simplifies the entire appointment booking and payment process, which means you can spend more time with clients which you love doing.

personal trainers scheduling software
Client name has been hidden for confidentiality purposes

Some key benefits of personal trainer scheduling software, such as Grow in Cloud are:


It makes your business more accessible and allows clients to book appointment with you 24/7 which is great for business.

Increase productivity

You will not spend time on manual data entry on spreadsheets. Automation and streamlining of appointment process mean you can spend more time with customers


It will improve communication with clients. They can send you messages from a client portal which you will receive instantly. You can reply to them at time of your convenience with out being worried for losing business and clients whilst with another client.

More Visibility Online 

It gives you online visibility. Your clients can find you online and schedule lessons from anywhere,anytime and any device.

For a free, 30 day trial of Grow in Cloud, please sign up here.You can then start using the features and carry on using the ones you need for free, forever!

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