Business processes automation is becoming a key part of many companies’ growth strategies. The automation market was valued at $4.26 billion in 2016 and is expected to reach $18.45 billion by 2023.

However, according to a report by Ted Schadler, titled The Sorry State of Digital Transformation in 2018, up to 22% of the businesses surveyed have still not adopted the change. (see image below).

What businesses need to understand, regardless their industry, digital transformation is becoming crucial to workflow business processes’ efficiency and success.

Business Processes Automation

Long story short, if you wish to have a growing list of happy customers, you need to start focusing on process excellence. Business processes automation is a straightforward and extremely effective way to help increase customer satisfaction and grow the business.

There is a perception that most automation tools are more suited for mid to large size businesses. The truth is every size business whether it is a solely run by one employee, or by a small team, can use technology to automate repetitive manual tasks.

What Does Business Processes Automation Mean?

Business processes automation is the use of digital technology to carry out recurring tasks or processes in a business, where manual effort can be replaced.

It can streamline a business for simplicity, achieve digital transformation, increase service quality, improve service delivery or contain costs.

Business Processes Automation Examples

For a better understanding of business processes automation, let’s take you through examples of day to day tasks where businesses should automate.

Booking Appointments

Business Processes Automation

For any business to succeed and survive, they need to get more clients coming in the door to buy their products or services. If you are running accountancy or any service based business, you will need to book in clients to sell your services. If you are taking bookings manually, it is time consuming and can also lead to overlap of bookings and no client show ups.

This results in poor sales and waste of your valuable time. You can use an appointment booking solution which enables you to streamline the entire process and let client’s book appointments at time of their own convenience.

Grow in Cloud’s appointment scheduling feature can help all service based businesses. Furthermore, you can send email/SMS reminders prior to appointment time to reduce no show ups.

Business Processes Automation


Sending invoices accurately is a requisite to getting paid on time. However, most small businesses face late payments due to sending the invoice in the wrong format. You can read this invoice format post to ensure you can send invoices in a correct format.

Business Processes Automation

By using an invoicing software invoice template, you can be rest assured the invoice is sent in correct format. You can insert clients details and amount with the invoice due date. The invoice will then automatically be emailed to clients with the option to pay online.

Business Processes Automation

If the client doesn’t make payment on due date, an automated reminder can be sent a gentle reminder. For repeat customers you can set monthly recurring invoices without having to worry about sending invoices each month.

Email Marketing

Businesses need to win more customers’ to grow and increase sales. To increase sales, marketing teams need to devise campaigns to target potential customers and turn them into prospects.

Business Processes Automation

Email marketing is proven to be one of most effective marketing method. It gives you 3800% on your investment. You can use email marketing software to automate your email campaign and generate more leads and sales.

Organize Leads And Customers

Grow in Cloud enables you to organize, track and nurture leads and customers for in one place. This powerful CRM has everything you will need to capture to build a rapport with your clients and upsell/cross sell to them.

Business Processes Automation


Businesses use omni- channels to communicate with clients. However customers are more interested in businesses getting back to them ASAP.

Business Processes Automation

Businesses can use customer support software and live chats which send push notification to customer support teams. They will have full detail of clients query and can resolve without the need of getting on the phone or sending a technician out.

File And Document Sharing

Business Processes Automation

Save time spent on sending endless emails with attachments to team members. Use Google Sheets or Dropbox to upload files in location which team members can access. You can also create new documents and edit existing ones without any problems using Google Sheets.

Grow in Cloud’s document management feature also allows you to be able to request and share documents with your clients.

Task Management

You can save yourself time and energy by using a solution which allows you to create daily and repeating tasks and assign them to respective team members.

This can be producing reports, setting agenda for meeting and submitting VAT returns.

Business Processes Automation

You can use Grow in Cloud task management feature which is sufficient to solve this challenge. Here you can also prioritise the tasks easily.

Business Processes Automation

Social Media Posts

It is important to have a social media/online presence to show client’s social proof. However, posting on different social media channels is time-consuming. It is necessary if you want to grow your business’s social reach and customer engagement.

Business Processes Automation

You can use Buffer or Hootsuite to automate social posts for free. You can set date and times when you want posts to be distributed on different social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram.

Benefits Of Automation

It is definitely worth investing in digitalising and automating your business processes. It is not uncommon to question how it will help with day to day running of businesses. Below are some of benefits you will immediately see:

Streamlined Processes

One of the greatest benefit is you will have streamlined process and take away the need of performing repetitive tasks. From day to day business running, there will be clear accountability.

You will be able to send customisable notifications to clients suppliers, get valuable insights, and faster turnaround times. The time wasted on performing manual tasks can be spent on business development or customer service.


By having a business processes automation system which keeps a record of each tasks and activity, makes it easier to stay in compliant with regulators. This information can be presented to demonstrate compliance during audits.

Increased Productivity

When you automate a business processes, it streamlines processes and increases productivity. Your staff will have more time on their hands and be able to perform more tasks and see more customers. It will also save you time spent on time consuming tasks, such as chasing customers for payment.

Customer Satisfaction

Providing exceptional customer service can give you competitor advantage over your rivals. Focusing on simplified processes and operational excellence, helps you meet your KPIs and exceed customer expectations with ease. When you consistently meet and exceed promised customer service standards, then customers are more likely to develop a preference for your company.

Sit down with your team and think about how each task are currently performed. Then automate processes by signing up or registering for the appropriate solutions and customising messages/template.

If you have a budget constraint, prioritise by automating tasks which takes most of your time and which would increase your sales.


Grow in Cloud is an all-in-one small business management system, which can be used to perform ALL essential tasks; online appointment scheduling, sending appointment reminders, sending online invoicing and receiving payments online, requesting and sharing documents and staff  task and calendar management. As it is a cloud based application, the best thing is that it can be accessed from anywhere and on any device with internet connection. To sign up for a free 30 day trial and start using Grow in Cloud for free, click here.

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